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How To Get Rid Of Baby Ear Wax

Do you constantly have trouble removing ear wax from your baby’s precious ears? Are your baby’s ears already plugged with yellow-ish grime but you are too afraid to remove it? Ear wax or cerumen is a sticky substance that builds up on a person’s ear canal. Ear wax is naturally produced by the body and it actually serves as a barrier for dirt. But when the ear wax has stayed for long on the ear’s it will accumulate and turn into a filthy looking yellow substance that is full of dirt and smells unpleasant.

Ear wax build up must be removed at least once a week. But if you are a parent, especially a new parent, you might be having hard time removing grime from your baby’s ears. Babies are simply delicate all around and if you have to deal with his sensitive body parts, you have to be extra careful. If you want to get rid of baby ear wax without hurting your child, here are some simple steps that you can follow.

Secure your child

Babies move a lot and before you can clean his ears, you should find the right timing when he is tame or asleep. Do not try to force to clean his earwax if he is being too wriggly or you might end up hurting him. The best way is to place your baby on your lap with the head tilted so that you can easily observe the ear wax that has build up.

Use washcloth

Instead of using Q-tips like adults usually do, you should use a warm washcloth when cleaning your baby’s ears. This is because washcloths are safer to use. When your baby suddenly jerks while you are in the middle of cleaning out his ears, the chances are you will end up hurting him when you use a Q-tip but you can avoid that when using a soft washcloth.

Clean his ears

Start cleaning his ears by working on the outer sides of his ears before removing the ear wax inside the ears. Make sure that you rub all those fold and creases to remove the dirt that has stuck. After you have cleansed the outer area of your baby’s ear, you can now clean out the ear wax inside his ears. Simply twist the corner of the washcloth that you are using and gently dab or pull the ear wax inside his ear. Remember not too go to deep to avoid damaging your baby’s ear. Also, do not use a dripping wet washcloth as the water may enter your baby’s ear. After you have cleaned the inner and outer areas of your baby’s ear, you should dry the ears with a clean towel.

Do not remove more than what is necessary

Ear wax help create a barrier in order to secure your ears from foreign materials. If you remove ear wax on your child’s ears more often that necessary, he will lose his ears’ defense. So unless you see that the ear wax is starting to turn solid and become smelly, then just leave the ear wax for a couple more days inside your baby’s ear. In the first place, babies do not secrete too much ear wax unlike adults.

Seek for a doctor’s help

If you notice that your baby is getting irritated and uncomfortable because of the ear wax build up, you should seek the help of a doctor right away.

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