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How To Get Rid Of Baby Gas

If adults have a hard time dealing with gas, imagine what a small baby feels when he has gas too. Baby gas can make your child uncomfortable and irritable. It is actually quite common for them to get gas but even so, baby gas can make your child go through a lot of pain. Usually, when babies experience gas, they will cry and be more frantic than usual. You can also observe them tugging on themselves because of discomfort.

Baby gas occurs because of the weak digestive systems of babies. When they eat or drink, they might inhale gas and this builds up bubbles on the baby’s stomach. Although it is natural to have gas every now and then, there are actually ways on how you can get rid of baby gas. Here are some simple tips that you can take note of when dealing with baby gas.

The proper diet for breastfeeding mothers

If you are breastfeeding your baby, you should watch out for the food that you eat. Avoid consumption of foods that are rich in gas such as caffeine-rich beverages like coffee, milk and dairy products, beans, broccoli and cauliflower. Remember that if your baby depends on your milk for nutrition, you should be extra conscious of the food that you eat.

Choose the right milk

Some milk has weak formula that allows more air bubbles to form when mixed with water. What you want is to choose the milk that has less contents that promote gas so that there will be lesser gas for your baby to absorb.

Get the best baby bottles

There are different kinds of baby bottles out in the market and some of them have higher quality and prevents air bubbles. The more air bubbles that the bottle allows to enter, the more possibility for your child to get gas. You can try investing on those baby bottles with internal vents that removes air accumulation inside the baby bottles. Also, instead of snipping a small hole on the bottle nips, you should try to make it slightly larger so that your child will not have to such harder and intake more unwanted air that causes gas.

The right feeding position

When feeding your baby, make sure that you hold his body in a 45-degree angle. The slanted position will help avoid gas build-up.

Make your baby burp

After your baby has consumed his milk, you should make it a habit to make him burp so that the air he has absorbed will be released. Simply carry him over your shoulder, put him on your lap and lay him on his stomach or hold him horizontally with the palm of your hands. Gently pat or rub your baby’s back until he burps.

The baby bicycle

To release gas, you can lay the baby on his back and do bicycle motions with his legs. Simply hold your baby’s ankles and move them in circular motions as if they are running a bicycle. Keep on doing this until the gas moves up and your baby releases the gas through a big burp.

Bring your child to the doctor

Do not just watch your baby cry and cry. If you do not know how to make him stop, bring your child to the doctor and seek for professional help.

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