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How to Get Rid of Baby Hiccups

While hiccups are rather harmless, you’re going to find that your baby is going to get them from time to time.  In fact, some babies will get these hiccups a few times a day.  While you’re going to feel sorry for your newborn, or small child, there are some things that you can try, when you want to get rid of those hiccups.

First, let’s take a look at how the hiccups are started in the first place.  They are generally formed when the diaphragm contracts forcefully.  These are the muscles that help all of us breathe.  While it may bother the baby, they will eventually go away, if you don’t do anything.   Here are some things that you can potentially try:

Give your baby a drink

Get out a bottle, or even a cup, if they are older (in the toddler years).  Let the child drink for a few minutes, and see if anything happens.  When you allow them to drink, you will find that it will relax that muscle.  You will just want to treat this feeding as any other feeding, so feed them whatever you would feed them on their normal schedule.  For those that breastfeed, try doing so at this time.

Sit your baby up

If your baby can’t sit up just yet, allow them to sit up.  When they sit up, let them sit in this position until the hiccups pass.  You will find that it may take up to 20 minutes or more to have them pass.  There are specially designed pillows out there that help babies sit up with minimal support from the parent.

Try burping

With hiccups, act like you’re burping your child.  Simply put them over your shoulder as always and gently pat them on their back.  On occasions, a baby may swallow too much milk, causing the hiccups.  If a burp is built up, this could be released.  Try other methods such as sitting your baby on your knee, or across your lap.

Hiccups transpire whenever the diaphragm contacts vigorously. The source or rationale that babies have a great deal of hiccups is still unknown. As newborn’s hiccups occur, its entire little body appear to shudder, which in turn gives the new parents so much worries. But the new mom and dad need not have another thing to be anxious about with regards to their beloved tiny one, so learning how to ease down hiccups can ease down the parents’ thoughts too.

One effective way in such circumstances is to burp your hiccupping baby. In view of the fact that several babies gulp down a substantial quantity of air perhaps during mealtime, making certain that your precious angel no longer have any air left to burp is the primary thing that should be administered to prevent hiccups.

Try and make them laugh

This sounds silly, but works for some.  What you will want to do is try to make your baby laugh.  Not only will this take their mind off the hiccups itself, it can cause them to be excited, so that it relaxes that muscle.  While some parents swear by it, some find it doesn’t work at all.  It’s worth a shot!

Wrap your child in a warm blanket

Since newborns, as well as younger babies love to be wrapped, get a blanket fresh out of the dryer, and wrap them tightly.  This will help them from wiggling so much, allowing them to relax.  The blanket doesn’t need to be necessarily warm, but this helps them to relax.

Suck on a pacifer

Just like a baby bottle, have your baby suck on a pacifier.  Whether it’s cold or at room temperature, the constant sucking is enough to at least distract the child from thinking about the hiccups.  If there are no distractions, babies tend to get rather ornery.

Any other distractions

If you don’t have any other items such as a pacifier or anything else to distract your child nearby, you may want to just distract your child by playing with them.  When doing so, they can keep their mind off of the hiccups, making it easier to cope with them.  Great ways to keep them distracted are by playing games such as peek-a-boo or even giving them something cold to chew on.

Let them pass

Hiccups are a normal process of a baby’s lung development.  Over time, they will slowly go away.  99% of the time, you’ll be able to sit back and just let them pass.  While distractions will make the hiccups easier for your child, they won’t be necessary.

While hiccups are nothing that you should worry about, there really isn’t much that you can do.  While you can try all of the tips above, keep in mind that they will eventually go away over time.

  1. Ibal Said,

    Hiccups are due to sudden contractions of the diaphragm caused by irritation or stimulation of that muscle. If your baby hiccups often, mention it to her doctor, particularly if she spits up a lot or coughs and seems very cranky. As for how to stop hiccups, There’s really not much you can do, and they’ll go away soons. Give babies sugar water or let them suck on something, The simplest of all techniques is to pat the babies on the back. They should be held against the shoulder and patted gently but firmly on the back. This will make them burp and release the extra air which would in turn stop hiccups.

  2. Saul Said,

    I have a cousin 2yr. old who once got troubled by hiccups.. first of all we tried going with water but in vein.. then some person from the neighborhood suggested trying curd.. We gave him a bowl full of curd mixed with sugar and to my surprise the hiccups were gone.. and by this way discovered a new all time available medicine for hiccups..

  3. Francis A Said,

    Baby hiccups while not life threatening can be disturbing not just for the child who suffers from them but for any parent as well. Fortunately there is an easy and natural way that you can help your child – maraschino cherries. Simply mashing up a small amount of maraschino cherries and giving them to your child will end the hiccups within seconds. The best news? It works for adults too!

  4. Han Said,

    We all get the hiccups and normally it is at the most inconvenient time. The last time I had the hiccups it was in the middle of church and while we were lowering our heads to pray my head kept bouncing from the hiccups. I took a big deep breath and held it in but, it didn’t work. And, then I took a drink of water and shortly after my hiccups had stopped.

What worked for you?

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