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How to Get Rid of Back Acne

Millions of people are suffering from the social stigma that acne eruptions bring to the human race.  These small lesions are products of various factors that eventually lead to the clogging of the oil glands; it may be hormonal, hereditary or environmental.  Acne eruptions are generally uncomplicated to treat using different chemical formulations prescribed by dermatologists.  However, acne growing on the back of a person is the exemption.  A person’s back has more oil glands compared to the other parts of the body and the increased thickness of the skin covering the back makes back acne a little difficult to treat.

Hygiene will to the trick

Bacteria play an important role in acne eruption, and keeping them to the minimum will greatly help.  Taking a bath, using a trusted antibacterial soap kills and washes off excessive bacterial growth on your skin.  The frequency of bathing primarily depends on your daily activity, however, keeping in mind that doing this for more than what is needed should be avoided as it may damage and dry out your skin.  Aside from taking a bath, keeping textiles that touch your back clean is also important.  Bed linen, pillowcases, blankets, t-shirts and towels must be frequently changed to minimize bacterial contact.

Exfoliation may help

Mechanical exfoliation using a lufah, clean washcloth or a body scrub will lessen the thickness of the skin on the back; making is easier to treat back acne.   This is a safe and simple procedure that can be done without any supervision.  However, constant observation on the area for unusual redness, which is a sign of too many exfoliations, must be done.  If you plan to use a body scrub, never use a salt-based formulation because salt may irritate your skin.

Try those over-the-counter creams

These creams are available in numerous pharmacies and supermarkets around the world.  It is made from combining different synthetic and natural ingredients that are proven to treat acne attacks, but generally, these products are based on salicylic or benzoyl peroxide formulations.

Like many other over-the-counter medications, reading the drug literature inserted inside its box must be read first to prevent any complications that might arise from using these types of anti-acne preparation.  An allergic reaction from a specific ingredient is the priority problem that must be avoided.  This type of reaction may range from a simple and local skin itching and redness to a systemic response such as anaphylaxis (constricting of the airway) that could be fatal to the person using the product.  Since some components of this preparation can cause dry skin, applying a thin layer of moisturizing lotion is advisable a few hours after the anti-acne cream has been applied.

Items such as tea tree oil, tea tree soap, neutrogena body wash and more are all available at your local drug and grocery store.

Prevention is the key

If you’re the type that goes out to a gym a lot, be sure to lay down a mat before you lay down on any equipment to lift weights.  Places such as a gym are notorious for giving peopel back acne because of the sweat residue left behind by other people at the gym itself.    Try to wear loose clothing as well since this allow sweat to avoid contact with your skin.

Call the expert

If all things fail, our skin doctors are always ready to help us in this problem.  Dermatologists are trained well to have knowledge in all human skin disorders, thus they are the right authority to call for help.  They have advises and health teachings that you never knew before and their prescribed medications are proven to be effective for millions of people.  They may perform some procedures like laser treatment that will surely peter out those disgusting skin outgrowths on your skin.  Consulting these experts may require you to take a lot of money from your pocket, but it will all be worth it once you’ve seen the results.

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