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How to Get Rid of Back Hair

Body hair may help you to look more strong and masculine than the others, but too much of it can be very embarrassing.  Excessive hair growth on the body, especially on the back would make you look like our closest relative in the animal kingdom, the monkeys.  No one would want to look like a monkey, which is why people who have the gene for too much hair growth would want them to get rid of them.  However, clearing your back from excessive hair growth can be a challenging activity because of its location on our body.

Shaving as the first option

The easiest and the most convenient way to remove hair on any part of the body is through shaving, since you can do it anytime and anywhere.  In this procedure, a razor with sharp blades is used to cut hair strands in varying length.   In spite of its convenience and ease, shaving is only limited to areas in which your hands and arms can reach.  There are instruments used as an extension of your hand, however there is the increased risk of accidentally cutting your skin.  The frequency of shaving your back greatly depends on how fast your hair grows.  Applying lotion after shaving is advised to keep your skin moisturized after being run-through with blades.

Try Waxing and Sugaring

These two procedures involve applying heated or melted wax or sugar on the skin and abruptly removing it.  During the process, hair strands stick to the material and are removed from its roots.  Because of this, new hair growth will not take place for 2-6 weeks.  Pain is expected in this procedure, but among the two, sugaring exposes the client to lesser intensity.  These are done by skilled persons and are often offered in salons.  If not correctly performed, this method of removing back hair may lead to infection and bleeding.

Hair-removing creams are available

Depilatory creams are available in pharmacies nationwide.  These are creams that when applied on the skin, facilitates the removal of the hair strands from its roots under the skin.  It is an inexpensive and convenient way to get rid of back hair plus hair will now grow for 2-4 weeks.  However, it is advised to apply a thin layer of cream over a small area first and watch out for any redness and itching, to assess for any allergic reaction.  This product is not advised for use when you have skin opening and lesions.

Remove it with laser

A semi-permanent method, using laser in removing back hair is a good option to remove hair for a longer time while still looking forward for it to grow.   A high intensity light will be passed through your skin and destroy hair strands and follicles.  As the hair grows back, thinner strands will be observed making it almost unnoticeable.  There are isolated cases of skin burns while this procedure is being performed.

Electrolysis is a good option

This procedure is proven to be safe and effective since it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  In doing this method, a licensed person, uses instruments that insert thin needles towards the hair follicles and then obliterate it using heat and chemicals, resulting to permanent hair removal.  It is the most expensive way of getting rid of body hair.

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