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How to Get Rid of Back Spasms

Back spasm is an intense contraction of the back muscles that leads to pain on the area affected.  This abnormal contraction is a result of several factors; it may be due to a blunt trauma to the back muscles, a spinal injury or prolonged and static sitting or standing.  The sting felt from the spasms range from mild and unnoticeable pain to severe unrelenting tenderness that needs instant relief.  Since comfort is a priority for all clients, pain management must be implemented immediately.

Identify the cause

Identifying and removing the cause of the abnormal contractions is the best technique that can be done for a person suffering from pain due to back spasms.  If blunt trauma due to physical activities such as a sport is the main reason for the contractions, allowing yourself to rest for a few weeks from the game is the ideal thing to do.  If your job exposes you to different bodily injuries, retiring from the job or at least taking a vacation may be necessary.  Stretching and moving around once in an hour prevents your back muscles from straining, especially when you are work requires you to sit all day long.

Rest if very important

If the pain from the spasms is already interrupting your activities of daily living, allow your strained and tired muscles to heal for some time.  Resting allows faster recovery and decreases the pain felt by the person.

Proper positioning and exercise

Upon lying down your bed, position yourself near the edge of the mattress and elevate your lower extremities to the point of forming a right angle with your torso.  Bend your knees and rest on a chair.  You may also position yourself lying flat while placing a pillow under your knees.  These positions decrease the pressure on the back, thus allowing it to take a break from its responsibility of carrying the weight of the upper part of the body.  The pelvic angle may also play an important role in the development of back spasms.  To prevent this, allow yourself to sit on a chair and recline your feet on a foot stool located just below the chair.  You may also want to try raising your feet and knees exactly above the level of the pelvic floor.  Specific exercises are necessary to relieve back muscle spasm, and it is advised that you have to follow the ones taught by your orthopedic doctor.

Use cold application and medication

Cold sensation somehow numbs an area making you feel lesser pain.  Prepare an ice pack and apply it on the affected area every thirty minutes.  This means that you have to apply the cold application for thirty minutes and remove it for the next half an hour and then reapply the ice pack for another thirty minutes.  You may do this process as desired within twenty-four hours.  If the pain persists, alternate application of cold and hot packs may do the trick.  If it fails, taking ibuprofen, mefenamic acid or acetaminophen while diverting your attention to other things is a great idea.

Trust the doctors

An orthopedic specialist or a medical doctor, who is an expert in muscle and bone disorders, is the right person to seek help with.  This licensed professional practitioner will give you the right medication and health teachings, including exercises and other procedures to help alleviate your problem.  Complying with the doctor’s orders is very important for your recovery from the pain felt during abnormal muscle contractions on your back.

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