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How To Get Rid of Bahia Grass

Bahia grass is a low-maintenance type of grass that can grow even in infertile soils. If you want to add some forage on your lawn without much effort, Bahia grass is a good addition. However, it can aggressively grow and spread which can turn your lawn to an unkempt garden of weeds.

If your garden has been infested with unruly Bahia grass, you should not just wait for fall and winter for it to die. Remember that Bahia grass is a very stubborn kind that survives for a long time. They have hard, rough stems that make it more difficult for them to remove. But do not worry as there is still solution to your Bahia grass problems. Here are some tips you can keep in mind about how to get rid of Bahia grass.

Herbicide treatment

Herbicides and weedkillers can help kill those Bahia grass in your lawn. Be sure to get herbicide that contains Glyphosate or sethoxydim. Also, check the label of your herbicide or weed killer before you but it. Opt for products which deliver the least harmful chemical. Herbicides can contaminate your whole lawn if not used properly. Always be careful when doing spot treatments to kill Bahia grass.

Pull it out

Pulling out plants using your hands is one of the best solutions to get rid of Bahia grass. If your lawn is quite small, you can personally pull out those unwanted Bahia grass. Bahia grass is quite tough to remove physically. Removal is best done during early mornings when the soil is moist. If there is little moisture, you can try to water the soil first for it to moisten. When pulling out Bahia grass, remember not to leave any root or residue that can cause for it to spread again.

Do some mulching

Bahia grass is a perennial grass. You can put a thick layer of mulch over the Bahia grass to suffocate it. This is a very good way of killing unwanted grasses and weeds. A three-inch mulch of pine needles or compost spread over your lawn can help you get rid of Bahia grass.

Mow your lawn

Bahia grass is not really considered as a bad weed if it is kept neat. Just constantly mow your lawn so that it does not grow tall enough to make your garden ugly. If you really do not intend to remove your Bahia grass, you can just try to keep your garden clean by mowing the lawn when necessary.

Prevent its growth

If you have had Bahia grass before and you finally got rid of it, do not be too complacent as it can still come back. The best thing you can do is to do some necessary actions that will prevent its growth. Spraying pre-emergent herbicides or weedkillers will keep unnecessary plants away from your garden.

Plant more trees

If there is no space on your lawn, Bahia grass will not grow. So in order to avoid Bahia grass and other aggressive grasses on your garden, you should plant trees and flowers and just simply fill the soil with plants. Also, big trees that give shade is a plus since Bahia grass can hardly grow in shaded areas. If you plant more trees and flowers, you will not just beautify your garden, but you will also help in improving the environment.

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