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How To Get Rid of Baking Powder Taste

Baking powder is one of the essential ingredients in making baked goods that will satisfy your sweet, pastry cravings for cakes, pies and other yummy treats. However, baking powder is known to have a very bitter taste that even though only a small amount of it is used in baking, it can still leave some undesirable after taste on your food.

If you want to avoid that bitter taste of baking powder in your favorite pastries and desserts, there are a few things that you can do. Of course, if you are going to use baking powder, you can never really fully alter and remove its taste but you can lessen it to the point where it can hardly be tasted. Just follow these simple tips and you will get to enjoy your sweet treats without the bitter taste of baking powder.

Proper storage

Baking powder, like other food ingredients, requires proper storage. You want to keep that fresh taste of baking powder if you do not want that taint taste of your food. Keep the baking powder covered and sealed in a clean corner away from direct heat of the sun. Also, place them away from other household materials such as soaps and detergent as it can make the taste of baking powder even bitterer.

Use non-aluminum baking powder

Some baking powder is infused with aluminum. This kind of baking powder has a stronger taste and most people do not like using this because it leaves a metallic taste on the mouth. Not only that, it is also wise to stop using aluminum baking powder as intake of aluminum can lead to illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease. If you are using aluminum baking powder, it might be the reason why your food has an undesirable after taste. The best thing to do is to avoid buying aluminum baking powder and just opt to buy non-aluminum ones.

Homemade baking powder

Basically, baking powder is just a mixture of baking soda and acids. If you want to avoid the baking powder taste in your baked goods, you can opt to make your own baking powder. When you have command on your ingredients, you can alter them so that the bitter taste of baking powder is avoided. Combining baking soda with white vinegar, cream of tartar or lemon juice can usually do the trick. When you are using yoghurt, buttermilk and other ingredients with active contents, you can just use baking soda as is.

Sift it

Since baking powder is widely used in baking goods, most probably, you will be using it together with flour. If this is the case, instead of just dumping some teaspoons of baking powder over your ingredients, it will be best if you sift the baking powder and flour together. This will combine the two ingredients and the flavor will be well distributed. Sifting flour and baking powder together for a few times will also take away those lumps and improve the texture of your baked goods.

Use honey

Covering the bitter taste of baking powder with the sweet flavor of honey is also another way to get rid of baking powder taste. The reason why honey is used instead of just adding lots of sugar is because honey, even when used in large amounts, does not harm your health. It contains natural sugars, making it taste sweeter, and even has vitamins and minerals to boost up your body’s immune system.

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