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How To Get Rid Of Bamboo

Bamboos make great, natural decorations for houses. They are simple, affordable and yet, they can add this unique oriental appeal to anyone’s garden. To those who like an exotic touch to their home, bamboo groves can quickly turn a dull, plain garden into a beautiful sight. However, they can also turn from a beautiful garden decoration into disastrous, invasive grasses.

Some people who asked for bamboos in their yard actually became regretful about these groves after a few months. This is because bamboos grow rapidly and if not monitored, they will easily take over the whole lot. If you are one of those who have invasive bamboos planted in your yard, it might be a riddle for you how to get these bamboos out of your way. Do not worry though. There are different methods that you can do in order to get rid of bamboos. Here are some tips that you may find helpful.

Cut the bamboo

Bamboos can be very tall. In fact, they are actually the tallest grass in the world. To ease the removal of bamboos in your yard, you might need to cut them first. You can use machete or a large gardening knife to cut the bamboos. If the bamboos are too tall, you can cut it into many portions until they are small enough to remove.

Dig up the bamboo

The best way to remove bamboos is to dig them up. Unlike other weeds and grasses, bamboos have strong rhizome foundations. You will first need to loosen up the soil around the bamboos by using a pointed mattock. When the tangled bamboo rhizomes have become lose enough, you can use a gardening spade or shovel to dig up the whole bamboo rhizome system. The good thing about bamboos is that, even though they grow really tall, their rhizome system does not really grow too deep so it can be quite easy to lift up the bamboos from the soil.

If in case there are big, sturdy bamboo clumps in your yard, you might need to cut through their rhizome system first. You can do this by using lopping shears and cutting the thick rhizome tangles. However, be sure to manually pull out the remaining rhizomes in the soil because even just a tiny bit of rhizome can make way for the growth of many bamboos.

Starve them to death

Although starving bamboos can take some time, it can be effective in preventing the growth of bamboos. All you have to do is watch out for new bamboo shoots and cut them out before they become 2 feet tall. You might need to continue cutting them for a few months but eventually, bamboos will die because of failure to photosynthesize.

Use herbicides

Bamboos can be very stubborn and the use of herbicides to kill them is not that effective. However, there are some tricks that you can do so that herbicides will work on bamboos. Directly spraying herbicides on bamboo clumps will not really kill them. First, you need to cut the bamboos first, especially the new ones. Then, apply the herbicides directly on the stumps so that the sap will absorb the chemical. Also, take note that not every herbicide can kill bamboos. For best results, use glyphosate-based herbicides.

Call for help

Bamboos are quite hard to get rid of. If you cannot remove them by yourself, you can always call a gardener for his services.

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