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How To Get Rid Of Banner Ads

Ever wonder what would be like to surf the internet with no interruptions and other nonsensical queries? No matter where you look there would always be banner ads. While to some point it all seems idiotic, people actually make money because of them. Banner ads are nothing but of annoyance to web browsers. There is nothing more annoying than waiting for a certain page to load, and once you are about to click a link in that page, a banner ad pops up out of nowhere and takes you somewhere else. That is one of the primary complaints of end users about banner ads.

Removing them will require you to have some computer and internet competence. If you do not know much about computer language, refrain from doing the system modification methods. It will save you the trouble of messing up and causing more problems to your browser. You will be editing stuff in your Mozilla, Explorer, Safari, or whatever browser you are using. That includes downloading, installing, imputing certain commands, modifying settings of your browser, and much more. So if you do not usually do these things, you should opt for the simpler tips. Here are the things you can do to get rid of banner ads.

Install ad blocker

There are instant ad blocker software programs that you can download from the web. To avoid fake programs, you can do some background check about the product first. Then, find the best trusted host for the product and download the ad blocker. Installing programs is quite easy. You just need to click and run the icon of your download and read the following instructions that will come up.

Check site preferences

There are websites where you can easily edit preferences. If you there is a “Settings” tab, you might as well hover it and see if there is an on and off button for blocking banner ads coming from that certain site. An example of site that allows editing ad settings is Yahoo. If you are not sure if the website allows ad blockers, you can contact the site and ask for more information.

Configure your web browser settings

One of the most effective ways to get rid of banner ads is to configure your browser settings. This will mean tampering with your web browser. If you are not 100% sure about doing this, then you should not alter your web browser’s configurations.

If you are using Firefox to browse the web, you can get minimize banner ads by fixing some values in your web browser’s settings. Just type in “about:config” on the address bar and hit enter. Afterwards, search for the item named “image.animation_mode.” If it is set up to “normal” double click the item name and changed it to none.

Call an expert

Getting rid of banner ads can be really difficult and frustrating. If you do not want to see these flashing banner ads whenever you check a certain website, it might be good to just call an expert who can do the trick for you. Since removing banner ads require great technical knowledge, you will have to spend some money to pay for that computer expert’s services. The good thing is that you will never get disturbed by those annoying pop up ads and banner ads that you see everywhere.

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