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How To Get Rid Of Barking Dogs

Dogs are referred to as man’s best friend. They make good animal pets and house guards as well. But there are times when dogs can get really annoying. Dogs have a bubbly personality and they can get all hyped and excited about little things. The result of this is nonstop barking.

Barking dogs are really bothersome at times, especially when you are having a goodnight sleep and then they start to get loud. Barking is just natural for dogs. In fact, this dog mechanism has helped a lot of people in many different ways but there are times when barking is not really necessary, thus, making barking dogs irritating to the ears. If you have a dog in your home who constantly barks for nothing, you can do some things in order to shut him up a bit. Here are some tips on how to get rid of barking dogs.

Know the reason

There are many reasons why a dog barks. Dogs bark when there are visitors and guests, they bark when they are hungry or hurt and a lot more. When you hear your dog bark, try to approach him and know what makes him do it. If you see that there’s really nothing wrong around, try giving him some treats for him to stop barking.

Make some noise

Dogs make a lot of noise but they actually do not like noise that much as well. One trick you can do is to get an empty can and fill it with small rocks. Try shaking the can vigorously and see if your dog becomes tame. If he did not stop, throw the can to make a loud, angry sound. This will most probably scare your dog. However, remember to pet him a little so he will not feel that you hate him.

Let him be

If your dog just won’t stop, be patient and just let him be. Dogs can get tired of barking as well. In the meantime, you should just use some ear plugs or listen to your iPod until he shuts up, and when he does, give your dog some water to help ease his exhausted throat.

Give him something to bite on

Dogs can get stressed as well. Sometimes, the reason behind your dog’s continuous loud barking may be stress. It might be a good idea to supply him with a chew toy for him to play with. He will also be able to release his stress when he munches hard to that fake bone.

Train your dog

Training dogs to stop barking, especially already grown ones can be quite hard but it is worth the try. Whenever your dog barks, say a firm keyword like “Stop!” or “Quiet!” Be sure to stick to just one command. He may not get it during the first tries but just keep on going. When he finally listened to your command, give him a treat. Using rewards whenever your dog does something good will encourage them to remember your commands better.

Call a professional animal trainer

If you just want to stop your dog from barking but you always fail, you can call a professional animal trainer and have him trained. Of course, you will need to pay the trainer some bucks, but it will be worth it when your dog finally learns some animal manners.

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