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How To Get Rid Of Barley Grass

Barley grass is a beneficial grass that is used for culinary purposes, medicine and livestock. It is one of those grasses that have many nutritional values, that is why it is continuously grown by farmers around the world. Almost every part of a barley grass can be utilized. Its grains may be used in making foods and beverages and the remaining body of the grass can be used in feeding animals.

Because of its natural benefits, barley grass can be a great addition to a garden. However, to some people who have barley grass growing on their backyard, it can be very annoying. Barley grass can grow and multiply easily, and it can steal soil nutrients from other plants. If you are one of those who do not want barley grass to grow on your garden, here are some tips on how to get rid of barley grass.

Hand pulling

The classic way of remove grasses and weeds is to hand pull them. Equip yourself with the right gardening clothing and go out on your yard during early morning. Use protective gloves and wear pants and long-sleeve shirts. Simply pull the barley grass one by one and place them in a sack or a garbage bag. Be sure to pull out everything from roots to tips to keep the barley grass from coming back.

Keep on digging

If you cannot pull each barley grass by hand, then you can use gardening spoon or spade to dig up the barley grasses. Just loosen the soil around the barley grasses and use the spade to dig it from the soil. Be careful when digging around to avoid damaging the barley roots and cutting them into pieces. Any plant residue may result to another break out.

Sell them

Once you have dug up barley grasses, you can try to sell them. Barley grasses are somewhat in demand. Many people use barley grass in their everyday life. If you want to get rid of barley grass, then you can sell them to consumers. You can place advertisements online to find potential customers. Inform your friends and neighbors about it by placing a sign board in front of your house. Individuals and companies alike have interest with barley grasses and if you get lucky, you might just be able to get some cash and get rid of barley grass at the same time.

Use herbicides

An effective and efficient way to get rid of barley grass is to use herbicide. You can opt to use selective herbicide if you have other plants growing on your lot. However, even selective and “organic” herbicide has some side effects. That is why using chemicals to kill plants are not advised. But, if you want to get rid of barley grass as quick as possible, then you might need to resort to applying herbicides.

Ask a gardener’s help

If you tried and failed to remove barley grasses on your lot, you can ask a gardener to help you with your problem. You will have to pay him for his service though. If you do not have the cash, instead of hiring a gardener, you can advertise for “free barley grasses”. You can use the internet or ask around your neighborhood if there are people who want barley grasses. If someone says yes, you can ask him to personally get the barley grasses from your lot.

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