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How To Get Rid Of Barn Flies

Barn flies, also known as stable flies, are one of the most common insects that can be found in agricultural areas. They are abundant in farms and barns, hence the name. Flies are harmful, but this type is even worse than the others. Aside from the irritating buzzing sound that they emit, barn flies are also loaded with harmful bacteria. Moreover, they suck blood from animals which can harm barn animals in the long run.

Barn flies are almost always present but they are most abundant during summer time. Since the warm season is just around the corner, barn owners are most probably planning on how they can keep their barn away from barn flies infestation. If you are one of those barn owners who are having headaches because of these pesky insects, you can try these tips on how to get rid of barn flies.

Keep your barn clean

Barn flies, as well as other harmful insects, love dirty surroundings. If your barn is plain filthy, it is very much possible for barn flies to drop by constantly. So if you want to get rid of barn flies, the first step that you can do is to clean your barn and keep it dirt-free at all times. Check your barn area, inside and out, for garbage, hair trimmings, hoof clippings, manure and other trashy stuffs that may attract barn flies.

Stagnant and dirty water may also promote proliferation of barn flies. If there is unnecessary stagnant water around your lot, throw it away. Also check your building for any leakage or clogged drainage.

Observe proper ventilation

If you do not have exhaust fans in your barn, it might be a good idea to install a few of them around. This will help maintain proper circulation of air. Lights promote heat and invite barn flies. If not in use, keep the lights turned off. This will help in maintaining a good barn temperature, and it can also help cut your electricity cost.

Get sticky traps

A safe way to kill barn flies is to use sticky traps. You can get these in your local stores. Simply place the sticky traps around your barn buildings or stables. However, be sure that you place these sticky traps away from the reach of your animals.

Spray fly repellent on animals

Fly repellents protect animals from barn flies. You can just directly spray this to your animals. Fly repellants are available in most animal care shops. There are many types of repellants so be sure to choose the one that best fit your animals. Usually, fly repellants can be applied once or twice a day. Before you let them out to graze, spray fly repellent on their skin and before you take them back to the stables, spray them again with fly repellent.

Gear up your animals

There are fly masks, sheets and boots that you can put on your barn animals. These things are specifically designed to protect your animals from barn flies and solar heat. However, putting these gears on your animals might be a bit difficult because they are quite uncomfortable to wear at first.

Use insecticide

Using insecticide on barns is not recommended by most experts but if the barn flies situation in your area has already gone serious, you can use insecticide to shoo them away. When applying pesticides, be extra careful. Apply them on safe places where your animals do not graze at to avoid poisoning.

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