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How To Get Rid Of Basket Grass

The basket grass, or most commonly known as bear grass or Adam’s needle, is a kind of grass that Native Americans use in order to make baskets, hence the name given to this plant. Basket grass is a perennial plant that can grow up to 5 feet. It is thick and sturdy so it can be really hard to remove once basket grass has already grown.

Basket grass is most commonly found in forests and meadows. They are quite widespread in some areas and rare in others. Sometimes, there are even house owners who really look for basket grass seeds to plant in their garden. Although basket grass can make a landscape look nice, if not properly controlled, it can grow wild and take over the whole lot. For some time, people can appreciate this plant’s beauty, but if it left to multiply, then a major basket grass breakout can happen. If you are one of those people who face the trouble brought about by invasive basket grasses, here are some things you can do to get rid of basket grass.

Hand-pull small grasses

If there are only a few growing basket grass clumps on your yard, you can just try to pull them by hand. This is only practical if the basket grass is just a few inches tall. Otherwise, you have to try out more effective ways to get rid of basket grass.

During a fine day, go out to your yard and start pulling those basket grass sprouts by hand. Remember to wear protective gloves to avoid getting cut or injured.

Soak and dig

For slightly grown basket grass, instead of hand pulling, you can dig the root system. Since basket grass stand strong, you might need to run the hose or get some buckets of water to soak the soil first. Let the water sit for about thirty minutes to an hour. When the soil is loose enough and easier to dig, you can start digging the earth with a gardening spade to remove the root system of the basket grass.

Sheet mulching

Adult basket grass can make a person’s head ache so bad. It is very difficult to knock down and dispose. One of the few effective ways of getting rid of basket grass is to start sheet mulching.

What you need to do is to cut the basket grass clumps until they are of the same level with the ground. Make sure that the remaining grasses are small enough to be covered with mulch. After you have cut the basket grass, you need to cover it with old tarpaulin, thick layers of paper, cardboard, pine needles and other common materials used for mulching. If you are using tarpaulin, paper or cardboard, secure the mulch with stones so that the air won’t blow the mulch away. In case rain comes, you should check the mulch and replace if it has been damaged.

When you have completely covered the basket grass stubs, you can just let them be. The thick layer of mulch will inhibit them from getting the proper resources they need so they will eventually die. However, it might take a long time before you can get rid of basket grass completely.

Spray weed killer or herbicide

It is not really a good idea to resort to chemicals but if the basket grass clumps are really stubborn, you can get weed killers or herbicide to kill those basket grasses. If you do not know how to administer herbicides, ask for assistance.

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