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How To Get Rid Of Battery Acid

Batteries are one of the most common energy sources that are used for making household objects run. Alkaline batteries and lead-acid batteries are two of the most in demand types of batteries that people encounter everyday. Unfortunately, a lot of battery consumers also face several problems that are brought about by these kinds of batteries.

Batteries are prone to leave acid leaks that create battery corrosion. Battery corrosion usually occurs because of improper use, high temperature and decline of battery power, and all this can result to damage on your gadgets. If you want to avoid battery corrosion, you should monitor your gadgets for battery acid and remove these leaks. Here are some simple things you can do to get rid of battery acid.

Protect yourself

When you deal with battery acid, you are dealing with strong chemicals. Before you remove them, you should protect yourself so that you will not be injured or harmed. Put on protective clothing such as hand gloves and protective eyewear like goggles.

Determine whether the battery is alkaline or lead-acid

Do not mistake one from the other. Alkaline batteries have different content from lead-acid batteries. The method that you will use for cleaning up battery acid depends on what type of batteries you are dealing with.

Prepare the things you will need

Before you set to work on battery acid, it will be great if you already have all those things you will need within your reach. When cleaning battery acid, you will need vinegar or lemon extract, baking soda and some water, soda pop, cotton swab and a piece of cloth. Go to a place where you can work easily and prepare all these things.

For alkaline batteries

Battery acid can cause respiratory problems since it contains potassium hydroxide which is a potent and harmful substance. In order to reduce the potency of this chemical, you can neutralize it with vinegar or lemon extract. Just take the cotton swab, dip it in the vinegar or lemon extract and clean the battery acid that has leaked. Let the vinegar and acid neutralize each other before you continue.

For lead-acid

For lead-acid batteries, you can mix baking soda and water together. Make them into a paste. Then, using the cotton swab, get some of the paste and use swab it over the battery acid that have leaked. The baking soda will neutralize the acid from this kind of battery.

Soda pop can also work with lead-acid batteries. Simply pour some over the battery leaks and leave it for a few minutes until the battery acid has been neutralized.

Clean up the area

When the battery acid has been neutralized, rinse it with clean water. Pat dry with the cloth afterwards.

Battery acid prevention

To prevent battery acid from leaking, you should always buy high-quality batteries. Some cheap batteries are more prone to leaking and battery corrosion. If you want the real best value for your money, buy only the superior quality batteries.

Also, you must observe proper usage and storage of batteries. Do not use or store together old and new batteries or batteries of different brands. They can react together, lessening the quality and making them more prone to battery damage.

If you are only using the batteries to run a gadget for a short time, then it might be better to just remove the battery from the gadget and store them properly in a clean, dry place.

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