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How To Get Rid Of Beach Grass

There is nothing more refreshing than a good ol’ stroll at the beach. Basking under the sun with the warm sand and cool water at the seashore is just plain sensational. For vacationers, going to the beach is almost perfect, but for those residents near the area, there are many things to worry about. It is true that most residents near the beach enjoy a beautiful vista. However, there are times when unwanted things ruin the beautiful beach scenery. One of these unwanted things is the beach grass.

Beach grass, or dune grass, is a type of perennial grass that grows in beaches and dunes. Unlike other plants, beach grass does not need a good healthy soil to grow at. It grows even best where other beautiful plants cannot grow. It takes hold of the sand, forms clumps and just invades home. If you live in a beach area, you might notice how common these beach grasses are. It is a very stubborn growth so if you have beach grasses in your yard, you should try to kill at as soon as possible. Beach grass is somewhat like weed and, until you do not try to eliminate them, they will just grow and cause damages in your lot. Here are some tips on how to get rid of them.

Cover them up

While beach grasses do not really rely on a good soil and water resource, it greatly depends on the sunlight. Without the full sun, beach grasses will not be able to survive. What you can do is cover the beach grass clumps with black garbage bags, newspapers or tarpaulin. Use this cover to restrict the amount of light that will touch the beach grasses. When you cover the beach grasses up, the heat that has already seeped through the covers will also be trapped inside which will then cause the grasses to be cooked. This will make the beach grasses grow weak and die.

Keep the cover in check

Killing the beach grasses through heat can be a long process and it may take you weeks to months before the beach grasses can completely die. So at least twice a week, you should check and see if the covers are in place and if the plants are indeed dying. If rain comes, just fix the plastic bag or the tarpaulin, or if you are using paper, just replace them right away. This might sound like a daunting task but it is one of the easiest and most efficient things you can do to get rid of those beach grasses.

Dig up the grass

After several weeks of covering up the beach grasses, they will most likely have wither and died. If you see that the beach grass has turned a little brown, then it is time to remove them. Take off the plastic, paper or tarp that has been covering the beach grass clumps. Then, using a shovel, dig around the clumps until you see their roots. Use the shovel to dig up and remove the grasses from the dunes and place them in a black garbage bag. Be sure that you remove every last bit of the beach grasses because if you have left out even little roots behind, they will just grow back again.

Spray weed killer

If there are no other plants near the area, you can just spray weed killer to kill the remaining beach grasses. Roundup is one of the leading brands when it comes to killing weeds. If there are other plants growing around the lot, instead of using plain weed killers, you can opt to use selective glyphosate herbicide to avoid damaging other plants in the lot.

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