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How To Get Rid Of Beards

The skin is full of hair. Some parts of the body might have unnoticeable growth while some other parts, like the face, have unsightly hair strands that grow thick and long. One of the most common body areas where this unsightly hair grows is on the face, around the mouth or what everyone calls a beard. A beard appears mostly to guys. Even though women also have little hair around their mouth, the growth is more visible to guys because of their distinct hormones.

Some people might find beard appealing and hot. However, there are other people who just cannot appreciate a grown man’s beard. Keeping your physique neat and clean can be very advantageous. So if your friends have been suggesting that you remove your beard, there are several ways that you can do to take off that unwanted hair growth on your face. Here are some things you can do to get rid of beards.

Shave your beard

Shaving is the number one method when removing beards. Almost every men, and even women, prefer shaving because it is easy and it takes only a little time. The downside of shaving is that the hair just grows back too quickly. Plus, you risk getting razor bumps and even cutting your skin if you are not careful enough. Just keep in mind that whenever you are using razor, be mindful of its cleanliness to avoid infection.

Get depilatory creams

There are many depilatory creams for facial hair that you can get in the health and beauty shop. These depilatory creams have special formula that removes hair from the roots. All you have to do is apply the cream, wait for a few minutes, then using a spatula, scoop up the cream and your detached beard. Depilatory creams are also affordable so it is a good alternative for shaving with razor. However, depilatory creams may bring skin irritation if not used properly. Plus, there are cheap creams that do not really remove all the hair growth.

Do beard waxing

Most men do not really consider waxing their beard. This is mainly because waxing can hurt and it can make even a muscular man to shout because of pain. Nevertheless, waxing is very effective and efficient. It removes the hair from the roots so you will have a cleaner look, plus the hair will take longer to grow back. Waxing is like one quick plucking so it can really give you a short-lived pain but overtime, you will be able to tolerate it.

Go for electrolysis

Electrolysis is a treatment that will permanently remove the hair growth around your mouth. This process is done by using very thin electrodes with electric current that destroys the hair roots. Electrolysis is currently the only approved hair removal method by the Food and Drug Administration, so this method is recommended by experts. The downside of electrolysis is that you need to go back and pay for several sessions before you can get rid of the hair completely.

Undergo laser hair removal

Another effective method of permanently removing your beard is through laser hair removal. This works well in removing almost any kind of hair including coarse and thick strands. Laser hair removal uses heat to kill the hair roots. Because of this, it may have unwanted side effects like burns and blisters. Like electrolysis, this method may be a bit costly.

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