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How To Get Rid Of Bears

Do you live in an isolated area where you are closer with nature? Because of this, do you ever felt that you are being too much in tuned with nature? You and other people as well, could be having the same problem. There may be times when you just stress out because of the messy yard that you have. If this happens a lot of time, do not just blame the kind of environment in the woods or mountains. Basically, you could have something that is visiting your yard quite often. If you are living near the woods and mountains, that something could most probably be a bear. Bears are furry, huge, and very dangerous. Despite seeing them as cute and lovely teddy bears, they are actually very fierce and they should be taken care of immediately. That is why if you spot a bear near your lot, or inside your yard, you should steer clear of its sight and hide in a safe place.

If you see a bear who constantly visits your lot, there could be numerous things in your yard that the bear finds attractive. So how could you stop the bear from wreaking havoc to your precious yard? How do you get rid of that scary bear for good? Here are a few tips to help you on your quest to get that bear off your property.

Know what type of bear it is

It may sound silly, but it is a first step. Does the bear post danger to you and your family 24 hours a day? Does it just roam at night? If your bear is just a night roamer and it poses no immediate threat, just keep your house and lot secured and your family as well. But if it is ferocious and very beastly, then you might need to call for help.

Keep food away from your garden and yard

Food is the number one thing that attracts a bear, especially those beastly, hungry ones. That is why you should remember to hide your bird feeders, leave no traces of food remains, and don’t leave your garbage outside. In other words, take away all possible food resources that a bear may go after.

Use ammonia

Ammonia will hide the odor of other things in your yard, like food, so it is logical to put it in places you want the bear to stay out of. Use a bottle that you can poke thick pencil holes into and put the stuff there. Then deploy it in the area you want bears to stay clear off.

Besides using cans and bottles, rags and cloths are also good ammonia bearers. Tie them around trees and posts and saturate the rags with ammonia. This will further help mask any odor within the limit. If the bear can’t smell anything good, they won’t go there in the first place.

Call for help

If you have a bear problem, call the Department of Fish and Game right away. This is to prevent letting the bear to become too comfortable crashing your yard and doing whatever it wants. Once a bear becomes confident in coming back, there is no telling what it will do next. Do not wait for the worst to happen. Call for help immediately so that you can safeguard your place and your family.

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