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How To Get Rid Of Beauty Marks

Do you have a beauty mark in your face that you just want to get rid of? Ironically, beauty marks are not really seen beautiful by some people. Basically, beauty marks are just dark facial moles on the face that somehow give a person this different, stand out feature. While some appreciate beauty marks like those of Marilyn Monroe, there are those people who hide their faces because of the beauty marks that they have.

Are you one of those people who try so hard to conceal their beauty marks? If you have been given a beauty mark but you just want to get rid of this special mark on your face, there are many things that you can do to remove it or make it appear less visible. Here are some tips and tweaks that you can do to get rid of beauty marks.

Go to a doctor

First and foremost, there are beauty marks and other moles that may be cancerous. So before you try to do something to remove your beauty mark, you should go to a doctor and ask for his advice. If you are lucky, he might even give you the tips for concealing or removing that beauty mark of yours.

Keep your face clean

Your beauty mark might just be a temporary clogging up of dead skin cells. What you can do is to just keep your face clean. Remember to use special facial wash and cream to enhance the beauty of your skin. Also, you can do home treatments with fruits. Every now and then, crush up some fruits with Vitamin E and use it as a facial mask. This will help scrub off those dead cells and rejuvenate your skin.

The orange treatment

Orange has nutrients that naturally brighten up the skin. It can serve as mild bleach which will lighten up your skin pigmentation. When this happens, your beauty mark may become lighter as well.

Simply saturate a cotton ball with some freshly-squeezed orange juice. Then, apply and rub this on your beauty mark. You should do this at least twice a day for some weeks to months. Note that this treatment should be continuously done for best results.

Honey and lemon facial treatment

Honey and lemon are both good for the skin. Honey has natural beautifying, anti-acne contents while lemon has similar bleaching elements such as orange. When you combine them together, you can create a solution that will help remove your beauty mark while retaining and improving the beauty of your skin. Just mix some honey and lemon extract together and apply this on your face at least once a day. Before you sleep, you can just apply the treatment overnight and wash the follow morning.

Cosmetic surgery

There are some surgical procedures that you can undergo so that you can permanently get rid of your beauty mark. Just consult a dermatologist for an evaluation before you choose to have a cosmetic surgery.

Live with it

During 1900’s, a beauty mark is considered as a unique, attractive feature. Some people even create false beauty mark on their faces just to make them appear better. Instead of getting rid of your beauty mark, it will be much better if you can learn to appreciate your own looks. Be proud and keep your head straight; let others see that you are confident about the beauty mark you possess.

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