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How To Get Rid Of Beavers

Beavers are often depicted as cute, furry animals in cartoon shows. However, in real life, they can be very annoying. Beavers are actually from the rodent family. They are basically the biggest specie of rodents that can be found mostly in America. While beavers are not as invasive as rats and similar pests, they can become major nuisance if they stumble upon your lot. Beavers like chewing on trees and they are also fond of building beaver dams to protect themselves. Beavers usually stay away from humans but their activities can hurt the environment and promote flooding.

If you are sensing that beavers are starting to frequent your lot, then they might be retracting resources from your home. If you do not try to shoo the beavers away, they will just keep coming back and create more damage to your lot. But do not worry; there are some things that you can do to get rid of beavers. Here are some things you can do to keep away those unwanted beavers.

Locate the beaver dam

One thing that you can do is to locate and destroy the beaver them. This beaver dam is the main shelter of the beavers and if you break it down, they will feel threatened and find a new place to live at. Just go out there and hunt for their shelter and destroy it using a backhoe. After you have broken down the beaver dam into pieces, you should get all the materials and place them into garbage bags. If you just leave the materials in the same place, the beavers might just rebuild a new beaver dam.

When you operate to demolish the beaver dam, be sure to protect yourself and wear proper gears. Many bacteria and diseases can be acquired from the dam mud so to prevent risking your health, take necessary precautions.

Create a stinky odor

Some people recommend making the area stinky so that the beavers will be discouraged from visiting it again, so you can spray some annoyingly bad-smelling liquid around the area. You can also place cloth that has been dipped in annoyingly smelly solutions. Others say sprinkling lead gunpowder can make them go away but be cautious when dealing with this highly regulated material.

Make a beaver trap

Beaver trapping is probably the most effective method you can do to get rid of beavers. However, before you opt to follow this method, confirm with your local government first if beaver trapping is allowed in your area. One of the most used kinds of traps for beavers is the suitcase trap. It might take you some time to finish making one but it is the most efficient way to catch those beavers. Just browse the internet for a more in-depth step by step tutorial on how to make beaver traps.

Call beaver control

You might be able to manage dealing with one or two beavers, but if a group of beavers are taking over your place, then it might be best to call beaver control for help. In some cases, you may not really have any choice but to leave the beaver removal in the hands of those skilled beaver control agents.

Beaver prevention

To prevent beavers from coming to your lot, you can try protecting your trees with chicken wire fence. You can also improve the drainage in your lot so even though the beavers create their dams, you can avoid suffering from flood.

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