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How To Get Rid Of Bed Wetting

Do you have a child who just pees on the bed every night? Bedwetting is one of the bad habits of little ones; and it may even be worse with grown-ups. As a child grows, his physique changes as well. During this transition period, there are many things that he can experience, including bedwetting. Aside from the expansion of his gall bladder, there are other causes of bedwetting. This may be because of stress, nightmares and improper bladder training.

Treating bedwetting is actually quite tricky but with the right methods, you should be able to get rid of it in just a short span of time. There are many approaches that you can do to get rid of bedwetting. Some of the methods that you can try are the following:

Start bladder training

This is the number one thing you should do in  to solve your child’s bedwetting problem. Because the bladder is growing, he might not be able to know how to be in command of his urine so you should start to train him in improving his bladder control. Although restraining the urge to pee may be a bit unhealthy, you can try this to help your child. Whenever he feels the need to urinate, ask him to try and hold his urine for a few more minutes until that interval becomes about three to four hours. Once he gets trained to hold his pee, he will have a better grip of his bladder at night.

It is also important to take note of the interval of your child’s trips to the bathroom. It might be helpful if you can make a regular bathroom break schedule for your child.

Get bedwetting alarms

A Bedwetting alarm is one of those gadgets that help a child to be more aware of his bedwetting problem. Once he sleeps at night and tries to urinate on his pajamas, the alarm will instantly sense the moisture and it will create a loud noise. When the alarm goes off, your child’s peeing will be interrupted and he might forget about it and just go back to sleep. If this happens for the subsequent nights, he might be able to forget about the need to during his sleep over time.

There are different types of bedwetting alarms that you can get in the market. Just choose one which fits your child best.

Lower the caffeine consumption

Food and drinks with caffeine increases the rate of urine secretion of the bladder. Too much caffeine will just make your child’s bladder go off. As much as possible, take away coffee, sodas and other food and drinks that has a lot of caffeine contents. More importantly, do not give your child any of these beverages before sleep time.

Pee before bedtime

To make sure that your child’s bladder is empty before he goes to sleep, you should always tell him to urinate before bedtime. This way, the chances of bedwetting will be lessened because the bladder will not become full immediately.

Consult a doctor

The doctor can give you a lot of advice when it comes to bedwetting. You can just take a trip to your family doctor’s clinic and tell him about your child’s bedwetting condition. He might give you some medical prescriptions and other tips on how to get rid of bedwetting.

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