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How To Get Rid Of Bee Hives

Bees are one of those beneficial insects. They are essential in the production of food crops which is one of the basic resources that every people around the world needs. While bees may be harmless when they are out in the wild forest, they can be dangerous when they swarm and make their hives in residential areas. So when you see a swarm going towards your lot, immediately close all openings in your house like doors and windows and secure your family and pets inside until the swarm has calmed down and settle.

If you are frequently visited by bees, then they may have formed their new home near your area. The best way to get these bees out of your property is through removing their hives. However, this is quite a challenging task so before you get out and destroy it right away; you should take precautions because bees are known for stinging. If you are tired of seeing bees flying around, here are some tips on how to get rid of beehives.

Identify the bees

Knowing what kind of bees are living inside a beehive is a must. Recklessly breaking down the hive without identifying the bees can lead to major physical injuries. There are many kinds of bees out there. There are the nice, sweet little ones like honey bees, and the ever harmful killer bees. The removal method that you will do depends on the degree of the harm that the bees can give you.

Create a man-made beehive

Making a beehive for the bees to transfer on is highly recommended. As mentioned, bees are one of the best insects that aid human in one way or another. The decline of the bee population is becoming more alarming and different animal and wildlife organizations have taken steps to protect the bees. You cannot really just slam a beehive. You have to do it the right way – and one of the steps to create a man-made beehive. Just check the Internet for more tutorials, or you can buy a ready-made beehive boxes.

Once you have gotten a beehive, just set it up near the beehive that you want to remove so that when you try to shoo the bees, they will have another place to transfer to.

Use smoke

Using insecticides to remove bees is definitely a no-no. So instead of spraying harmful chemicals to kill the bees, and to harm the environment as well, you can use smoke. While smoke may have carbon dioxide and other non-healthy elements, it is still a bit better than poisonous chemicals. Plus, smoke does not really kill the bees.

Just go out to the area where the beehive is and light a fire. Make sure that the smoke hits the target beehive. Do it before the night falls when the bees are already home. In a few minutes, the bees will come out of their hive.

Get the hive

Once the bees have transferred, you can now remove it. But, instead of smashing it down, it might be better if you can just get the hive without breaking it. There might even be honey and beeswax and other things inside it! Check the hive and if you see that you can retrieve some honey from it, just go ahead and extract the honey.

Call a beekeeper

If you are having trouble in getting rid of the beehive, it is best to just call a local beekeeper for help.

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