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How To Get Rid Of Bees

Are you tired of hearing buzzing bees that very often circulate around your head? Can you not have a good, relaxing time at your balcony because there are loads of these bees around that circle the area? Bees are probably the most beneficial species of insects out there. They work hard to pollinate plants and trees so that everyone will have shelter and food to eat. However, there might be times that their constant buzzing can be annoying. Not to mention their ability to sting people. That is why, despite of their benefits, most people try to stay away from bees.

Killing bees is one of the worst moves that you can do. Even if you want to get rid of them, you should not try to harm those bees. While there are people who claim how frightening bees are, they are actually calm insects unless you provoke them. Moreover, countries around the world are monitoring the bee population because of its dramatic decline. Even Einstein has made a statement saying that without bees, man cannot survive. So if ever there are bees around your lot that just love to visit your place, here are a few proper ways on how to get rid of bees.

Remove their resources

The incident of bees randomly flying around your lot is actually not a big deal. But if you constantly see those bees hovering around your plants every time you step out to your garden, then they might not really be just random visitors; they might be staying with you for long.  Specific bee traps are a great alternative to get rid of bees in the area.

Limit the water

The bees need water as much as they need pollen grains. If there are stagnant water in your lot, clean it up. If you have a fountain, stop the water from running first. Without water, the bees will get to thirsty that they would probably just find a new home where they can get water.

Place netting over your garden

If you do not want the sight of bees feasting on your plants, the first thing you can do is to remove their resources. This means that you have to restrict them from going near your plants. Removing your plants is not really practical so what you can do is to create netting around your garden. Just post some poles around the area and secure the plants with fine netting or mesh so that the bees will not be able to access them.

Try making a hot house

If you are a serious gardener, you can just make a hot house where you can place your plants. This will not just protect your plants from insects like bees, but the hot house will also provide them shelter from the extreme weather. This might be costly but it can be a good investment for those who just can’t get enough of gardening.

Use a soda trap

Bees like sweet stuff and that is why this friendly bee removal method is proven quite effective. You can just gather some shallow containers, like small jars and fill them up with soda like Sprite, Coke or even lemon juice. Place holes on the cap of the container so that the bees will be able to access the soda content. Set up these jars in a direction away from your house. Every day, place the containers a few feet away from its previous position until the bees are lured meters away from your house. This is not the most efficient method to remove bees, but it can be effective if done properly and consistently.

What worked for you?

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