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How To Get Rid Of Beetles

Mother Nature is something that everyone should cherish. Livestock need grass and nutrients for them to survive. They grow on soil, so nature is also responsible for their food. Fine weather, occasional raining, healthy sunlight, everything is a gift by Mother Nature. So like all other things, it must be kept under control. While nature provides people with air to breathe, food to eat, water to drink, and much more, there are some things Mother Nature provides that may be pests to your everyday lives as well. One of those living things that you might be wishing to just disappear is beetles. Beetles are just fine if they do their business outside your home, but once they invade your property, they can bring your great nuisance.

Beetle infestation can be a real nightmare. Imagine your perfect lawn being invaded with one or two of these. In due time, these two beetles will multiply and create a big group of invasive beetles. The beetles will turn your lawn into dirt with colloidal suspension. Your precious grass will lose its vigor, and your whole yard will be sucked out of nutrients. Beetles, while helpful in some occasions, are real trouble in your yard so you probably want nothing more than to get rid of them as soon as you can. They feed off the yard’s life and could leave your evergreen gardens into leaves of decay. For those beetles that have an eye for your yard, here are a few tips on how to get rid of them before they lay waste into your beautiful and well maintained yard.

Remove the dead and unhealthy trees and plants

Unhealthy and dead trees and plants attract beetles like no tomorrow. They love to feed on these stuff so getting rid of them are top priority. If you get rid of their potential hideouts, they will not visit your lot anymore.

Hide your fruits

Ripened tree fruits are also sitting targets for beetles. Pick ripened fruits immediately and dispose of the ones that fell off the ground. This could well be another attraction for your unwanted visitors.

Use traps

Beetles usually spawn in rainy season so it is a good idea to place these traps in the sun with pheromone lures. Do not place them directly into your plants, but set them up in places where the beetles might be coming from.

When you set up traps, you should use some bait that will lure the beetles. A yellow container with soap and water will attract those beetles because they just love the yellow color. When they take a sip from this trap, they will be dead in seconds.

Bring out the beetle killers

If you want your beetles dead, use milky spore in your yard. Milky spores are one of the most effective beetle removers that you can make use of.

If you are the gentle kind of a person, instead of killing the beetles, use natural beetle repellants such as catnips, chives, or garlic around the yard. Just plant these herbs and they will keep the beetles away.

Use insecticide if they persist

This will kill beetles and any other insects with lust in your yard. Though quite hard to administer since you need to reapply frequently, this is a sure way to protect your garden from those would-be beetles.

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