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How To Get Rid Of Bent Grass

Bent grass is a common term given to many different species of creeping grasses. They are thin-bladed grasses that often grow in cool places. The bent grass is actually one of the most desirable kinds of grass that are planted in golf courses. This is because the bent grass rapidly grows and spreads, hence the name creeping grass.

While bent grass might be useful in golf courses, when it grows in areas where they are not supposed to grow, bent grass clumps can cause a major problem. Bent grass has shallow, thick rooting system and that is why it propagates easily. Once it gets a hold of the soil, bent grass will just continue to grow and multiply unless stopped. If you are one of those household owners who are facing bent grass invasion, you should try to remove the grasses so that they will not cause further damage anymore. If left to propagate, the bent grass will take over your lot and kill other plants on your lawn. To help you solve your problem, here are some tips on how you can get rid of bent grass.

Pull out the bent grass

Pulling out the bent grass from its root system is the most effective way to get rid of this unwanted, invasive type of grass. Using a shovel, dig a ring around the bent grass clumps. You do not have to go very deep because the bent grass roots are actually just about an inch right below the soil surface. Once you have dug around the bent grass patch, you can now easily pull out the bent grass from the soil. You can just do this using your hands or use the shovel to scoop the bent grass clumps.  Before you leave your work, make sure that you have not left any bent grass root behind.

Plant seeds

To prevent that bent grass from coming back, you can re-seed the area where the bent grass patch used to be. You can just get new grass seeds from the garden store, or you can plant some flowering plants or trees. If there is no vacant patch on your yard, those bent grasses will have nowhere else to grow.

Use herbicides

Bent grasses are actually pretty stubborn unlike other invasive grasses. If the growth has spread out and you cannot get rid of the bent grasses manually, then maybe it is time to resort to using herbicides. Simply go to your local gardening shop and ask for organic herbicides. If you cannot get organic herbicides, you can buy glyphosate-based ones. This kind is the least harmful one. Also, if there are other plants in your lawn, you should buy selective herbicides.

To use the herbicide, just get a bottle sprayer and fill it with the glyphosate herbicide solution. Spray the herbicide about 5 inches away from the bent grass. Spray an ample amount of the herbicide directly to the bent grass and around the patch as well. After treating your lawn with the herbicide, just wait a few weeks to see the results. Reapply if needed be.

Turn them into decorative grasses

If you do not really have anything planted on your lot, why not just take care of these bent grasses instead of getting rid of them? Anyway, they are actually used in beautifying lawns and golf courses. You only have to mow them to keep the grass neat and you can turn your lot into a luscious green lawn.

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