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How To Get Rid Of Berry Stains

The heat of the sun and the fresh air – these are the common indications that summer time is just around the corner.  When the heat is up, nothing beats the delicious, sweet and refreshing taste of berries. There is no better time to consume berries than summer time. Be it juice, spreads, preservatives, or just eaten raw, berries are simply delicious! Of course, something as good as berries can do something just as bad. Imagine this: you are enjoying berries with friends and someone had a playful and stupid idea to throw one right at you. Little did they know, berries can do damage as opposed to being savory and delicious. You are now covered with a seemingly impossible to remove stain. What do you do? First of all, don’t panic. Do not hit your friend back because it will not solve your berry problem anyway. So how do you really get rid of the berry stain off your shirt?

Berry stains can ruin an expensive fabric. Not only that, detergents that usually removes almost anything off your clothes can be proven ineffective by the berry stains mighty grip. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other way to get rid of the stain. Some ways require a dry cleaner and a lot of money. But there are also ways in which you can use things around your house to rid your fabric with the sweet stuff. This article will direct you by using your household equipments in removing berry stains. Removing the berry stain can be a very daunting task, but if you put enough effort and follow these tips, you’ll be enjoying them as well as removing them.

The boiling water

Boil a kettle of water and put the berry-stained clothes in your sink. Now stretch the fabric so that the side with the berry stains is face-up. Pour the boiling water into a gentle steam. This will remove the outer layer of the stain, setting you up for the next step.

The vinegar

After bathing the clothes with boiling hot water, it’s time to use the vinegar. You can use plain vinegar but, for the best results, use apple cider vinegar. Of course, the vinegar might leave yellow stains, so use white vinegar for white clothes, unless you want to deal with another kind of stain. After choosing which vinegar to use, soak the stained fabric with it and let the vinegar do its magic for a few minutes.

The non-gel whitening toothpaste

Wring out the vinegar off the fabric with some clean water. If some stains still persist, use non-gel whitening toothpaste. Get a small amount of the non-gel whitening toothpaste and apply it on the stained area. Do it with your finger and massage the paste well into the fabric. After that, rinse it well and wring it again.

Hang the stained clothes to dry

After the cleaning and washing, you can now do the last step to get rid of berry stains. If any stains are still present, as small as they are, the bleaching power of the sun should eliminate the remaining stains and make your clothes as clean as before they were stained. If you want to rid that awful smell of vinegar, air drying should be implemented before the clothes completely dry. This will remove both the stain and the powerful smell of vinegar.

What worked for you?

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