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How To Get Rid Of Bikini Bumps

For women who love to show off their sexy bodies, having a clean bikini line is a must. Of course, it would be a big embarrassment for them to wear their bikinis with some unwanted hair escaping their clothes. So for these women, and basically, for every lady who wants to feel neat and proper, they resort to shaving off the unwanted hair in their bikini line. However, like other hair removal methods, shaving has its cons, and one of the most common problems associated with shaving are red bumps.

When you shave your bikini line, not following the proper ways to use a razor, there is a high risk that bikini bumps will appear on your skin. Bumps form because of wrong direction of shaving, lack of lubrication and dirty razor. When these happen, the hair follicles get infected and, instead of growing out of your pores, it does not break into the skin so it grows underneath the outermost layer of your skin. When this happens, bikini bumps, usually red and swollen, will sprout from your skin. And before this condition can get any worse, you should try to get rid of it as soon as possible. Here are some tips that you can follow to get rid of bikini bumps.

Wash with anti-bacterial soap

The bikini area has very sensitive skin. It is prone to many bacteria and germs. That is why, in order to kill any bacteria lingering on your bikini area, and also to prevent other germs that may stick to your skin, always wash with anti-bacterial soap. Anti-bacterial soap will also help reduce the bikini bumps infection. However, do not just use any anti-bacterial soap you see on the grocery store. Always opt for those designed and formulated to be used in the pubic area. Also, avoid scented soaps.

Apply aloe vera

Aloe vera is a mild but powerful solution that you can use to relieve bikini bumps from your skin. It helps reduce pain and swelling caused by the bikini bumps. You can either get aloe vera-based lotion or moisturizer, or you can use freshly extracted aloe vera.

Apply commercial rash cream

Some people use rash cream on the bikini bumps. It has almost the same effect as the use of aloe vera. It helps get rid of the irritation caused by the unwanted bumps on your bikini line. You can get this type of cream at almost every drugstore.

Use deodorant

You might not know it by some people who often encounter bikini bumps use deodorant to treat these unwanted lesions on the skin. Using a roll-on type of unscented and mild deodorant, rub your bikini area with some of its formula.

Consult the dermatologist

If pus starts to come out of the bikini bumps and they start look more irritated than ever, you might already have encountered a worse infection. If the usual home remedies do not work anymore, it is best to consult the dermatologist about this problem.

Observe proper shaving techniques

In order to prevent the appearance of these bikini bumps in the future, you should take note of some shaving techniques. First, take hot baths when shaving as it opens up the pores and allows closer encounter of razor on the skin. Second, always lubricate the area being shaved. Third, shave in accordance to the direction of the hair growth. And last but not the least, always use a clean razor.

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