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How To Get Rid of Bindweed

Bindweed is one of the unwanted growths that can invade your home. It is known to be one of the most notorious weeds that are very hard to get rid of. The bindweed, also known as wild morning glory, is a vine-type of weed that has the ability to strangle other plants and crops on your garden. So if you are taking care of some plants, then you should watch out for bindweeds.

Even though it’s quite challenging to remove bindweeds, you should act as soon as possible to get them out of your lawn because if you just leave them be, they will just multiply and cause a worse infestation in your yard. So once you see these bindweeds crawling to your garden, make time to remove them right away. There are different methods that you can do to get rid of bindweeds. Some are simple but some require some effort and cash on your side. Nevertheless, once you have gotten rid of these bindweeds, you will see that it is very much worth it. Here are some things you can do to get rid of bindweed.

Determine what you are dealing with

Bindweeds can start to grow from some place but can sprout on your yard. This is because bindweed’s root system can grow up to 40 feet or more. This means that it can start from the lot next to your yard, but it can climb up your fence and pester your lawn. If you see that the bindweed infestation is already severe, then you should just call a gardener and have him fix your lawn. This is because the removal of bindweeds that have already grown more than 10 feet is very difficult and you might even help spread the infestation instead of put a stop to it. SO even though it will cost you some bucks, just hire a gardener to do the job.

Dig up the roots

If you are only dealing with bindweeds that are just starting to grow, then you are in luck because the removal of small bindweeds can be easy. You just have to dig the soil and pull up the roots of the bindweed. So go out early in the morning with gloves on your hands and a spade, try to dig around the vine growth to gain access to the roots. Then remove the whole plant from the ground. Be sure to remove the whole root system as it will just spread again. Place the bindweed on a sack and dispose it properly.

Regularly cut the bindweed

If you are a patient person, then you can just regularly cut the bindweed. When you constantly cut the bindweed, it will not be able to get all the resources and nutrients required for the bindweed to grow. So just take frequent trips to your yard and cut most of the bindweed every time. Be sure that you will not allow any flower to appear because it will be strong enough to continue spreading by then.

Use weed killers

If you are willing to use chemicals on your yard, then you can just use a weed killer. You can just buy weed killers that can kill bindweeds from the home improvement store. Read the directions on how to apply it and then use weed killers to kill the bindweeds.

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