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How To Get Rid Of Birds

Birds are nice creatures that bring life to the sky. It is just lovely to watch them glide and fly. But even though they bring a pleasant sight, not all the times, they get into the good side of people. For example, those who often encounter birds hanging around their lot would think these birds are actually more of an annoyance than a nice view. Birds have the tendency to create damage in one house. Once they moved in and started to create their nesting on your lot, you probably would see mess on your lot every day. It can even get worse if they live inside your house. When you encounter invasive birds, you must get rid of them before they can even start a whole new generation at your home.

Getting rid of birds is pretty simple. They are one of those animals that are easy to shoo away. However, they have the tendency to come back and visit you frequently. So aside from chasing them away every time, you can do other additional tricks that will make your house less appealing to these birds. Here are some things you can do to get rid of birds.

Shoo them away

As mentioned, this is one of the easiest ways to get rid of birds. If you see them landing on your lot, you can just chase them away until they fly into a different place. However, you are not guaranteed that they will not come back in the next hour.

Get animals

If you do not want to constantly chase the birds whenever they settle on your lot, then you can get some pet animals like cats or dogs. Birds are actually easily scared and once they hear the cat purr or your dog bark, then they will be frightened of staying any longer in your lot. Chances are they will just find a new place to stay at. So just keep a cat or dog around your lot and you will have an assistant that stays on watch for these birds.

Remove bird resources

One of the most common reasons why these birds hang around your lot is because there may be lots of food and water in store for them. So if you want to discourage birds from visiting your home, you should check your lot for things that these birds may find attractive, particularly food. Although your pets might be able to shoo away the birds, the very thing that may be attracting these birds in the first place is your pet’s food bowl. So always check your pet’s platter and make sure that you clean eat after your pet has eaten. Also check around for stagnant water and get rid of it.

Place metal spikes

Metal spikes are devices that will make your home less inviting to birds. They will make the birds uncomfortable when landing. Place these metal spikes on your rooftop and other areas where you often see the bird land at.

Call the bird center

Most birds are protected by the law so you cannot really just kill or shoot them. If there are many birds around your lot, or if they have already created their nesting on your house, you should call the bird center for help. Tell them to send someone who can help you remove the birds.

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