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How To Get Rid Of Birthmarks

Do you have birthmarks that you just want to face? Are you quite embarrassed because these unpleasant looking spots are giving your skin unwanted flaws? Birthmarks are actually nothing to be ashamed of because they occur naturally since birth, hence the name. They are actually just caused by an excessive amount of blood vessels in one area of the skin. This has nothing to do with any harmful disease or danger to your health. Nevertheless, birthmarks do not look very nice that is why most people who have birthmarks want to get rid of these blemishes in their skin.

Removing birthmarks is quite tricky. Of course, they are really rooted in your skin system that is why it would be a bit hard to remove it. Nonetheless, there are several things you can try to do if you want these birthmarks to go away. Mostly, you will need to just apply some home remedy in order that your birthmark will lighten and become equal in colors with the rest of your skin. Here are some classic, simple remedies to get rid of birthmarks.

Increase the Vitamin E in your body

If you want your skin to be healthy and, at the same time, to get rid of the birthmarks in your skin, you can increase the amount of Vitamin E in your body. You can either consume a Vitamin E supplement so that your skin cells will improve. Also, you can use Vitamin E creams directly on the birthmarks. You can get both of these medications over the counter at almost any drugstore. The Vitamin E supplement needs to be taken once a day. While the Vitamin E cream needs to be applied directly on the birthmark about once or twice a day.

Mixing some orange oil with the Vitamin E cream can also lead to better results in removing your birthmarks.

Apply fresh lemon extract

Fresh lemon juice is known to have some bleaching elements. Moreover, it has a lot of nutrients that can promote your skin health. So every day, simply rub some fresh lemon extract on your skin in order for the birthmark to whiten and become less visible. Remember to use freshly-squeezed lemon juice.

Rub some olive oil

Olive oil is also known to have a lot of properties that can be beneficial to the skin. Massaging it to your skin will greatly improve blood circulation. And since birthmarks are caused by excessive blood vessels, when you massage your birthmark at least once a day with olive oil, the blood vessels will become regulated, thus, the birthmark will lighten overtime.

Apply corticosteroid treatment

Corticosteroid is a medication that helps in lightening birthmarks and making them smaller. So if the natural home remedies did not work for your birthmarks, you can opt to use this kind of treatment. Corticosteroid medications are available in many pharmacies. IN some areas, it is regulated so if this is the case, you would need to get medical prescription from a doctor first.

Opt for a laser treatment

If you want the birthmarks to go away quickly, one treatment that you can undergo is laser therapy. This costs quite a lot than other natural remedies. Nevertheless, you can easily see the effect after just a few successful treatments. You can ask your dermatologist for more information about this option.

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