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How To Get Rid Of Bite Scars

Are you conscious about how your skin looks? Are you used to wearing short shorts, bikinis, or tank tops confidently but now you can’t wear them anymore because you have skin flaws? Skin flaws that aren’t really caused by your poor hygiene but because of some annoying insects? Insect bites are quite common. They are particularly widespread among children. But no one is excused from getting these bite marks. As long as you took a trip outside and you were attacked by mosquitoes, bees, wasps and other common insects, then you are up for a hard time dealing with insect bites.

Getting bitten by insects can be such a nuisance. Aside from the bite mark that will leave you with pain, itchiness and swelling, some bite marks will turn into bite scars after it has healed. Bite scars look very ugly. And if you are prone to insect bites, your usually flawless skin will then become filled with bite scars. But even before your skin can get blemished with these bite scars permanently, you should try to remove them as soon as possible so that you can bring back your soft and smooth skin. Here are some things you can do to get rid of bite scars.

Consume more Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the vitamin for the skin. It will help your skin become in good shape in and out. That is why, if you want to get rid of bite scars, or skin marks in general, you should increase your Vitamin E intake. You could either eat more foods that are rich with Vitamin E, or you can get Vitamin E supplements from the drugstores. The right amount of Vitamin E will not just help lighten up bite scars, but it will also make your skin more protected from other lesions.

Apply aloe vera-based lotion

Aloe vera has a lot of nutrients that will promote the health of your skin. It is also very effective in removing marks and scars. So simply apply aloe vera-based lotion on your skin after you take baths. You can also apply natural aloe vera extract to your bite scar for a more effective result.

Exfoliate with oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the most commonly used ingredients for exfoliation treatments. You can simply get some oatmeal and add some honey to it so that it will be moist. Then, apply this mixture over the bite scar. Scrub your scar with the oatmeal for a few minutes. This will help remove the dead skin cells that cause the scar. The honey will then help soothe and moisturize your skin so that the natural skin oils will not be removed by the exfoliation. Rinse with clean water afterwards. DO this treatment once a day until the bite scar disappears.

Apply toothpaste

Toothpaste dries out the skin and when it does, it will also lessen the appearance of the bite scar. So simply put a bit of toothpaste to your bite scar and leave it there for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Apply moisturizer on the area to ensure that the skin is kept hydrated.

Avoid heat

The heat will make your bite scars darker so as much as possible, avoid heat. That means you should not refrain from washing your scar with hot water, nor should you expose your skin to the extreme heat of the sun. When you need to do so, always apply sun block.

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