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How To Get Rid of Blackheads

Do you have blackheads all over your face? Does your skin appear dark because of these nasty spots? Blackheads are one of the most common problems of people when it comes to their facial appearance. Actually, blackheads are actually pimples that have not fully formed due to some conditions of the skin or the environment. Blackheads develop because of large skin pores that are constantly filled with dirt. Although they are not as bad as fully grown pimple, they are still unpleasant and must be removed from the face.

There are many things you can do to get rid of blackheads. Various home treatments using natural products are effective in removing these blackheads. There are also commercial products that you can use to remove these unwanted skin complaints. Here are some things you can do to get rid of blackheads.

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation will clean up your pores and dislodge those unwanted blackheads in your skin. There are many exfoliating treatments that you can get in the market. You can even make your own treatment using some crushed oatmeal and a mashed fruit rich with Vitamin E like papaya. First, apply heat to your face. You can either use hot compress or just let your face be steamed by stooping over a bowl of boiled water. This will open up your pores. Then, apply the exfoliating treatment to your skin. Massage it thoroughly so that the gentle beads or the oatmeal pieces can remove the blackheads. Afterwards, rinse your face with cold water. You might not be able to remove the blackheads all at once so just repeat the treatment in the following days.

Apply raw honey to your skin

Raw honey is known to have many benefits for the body. It has been used since the ancient times. Simply heat up some honey until the temperature is warm enough to open up your pores. Then, rinse your face clean to remove any dirt. Dry up your face and apply the warm raw honey. Use a generous amount so it does not dry up quickly. Leave it on your skin for about 15 minutes and rinse. Honey has many vitamins that can promote skin health and remove unwanted skin problems.

Peel it off with blackhead strips

There are commercial products that you can buy which will help remove the blackhead in just a couple of minutes. You can buy blackhead strips at almost any beauty store. Simply follow the directions on the product label to know how to apply it.

If you cannot get blackhead strips, then you can make your own blackhead strip at home. Simply get an egg and separate the yolk and egg white. You will be using the egg white. Simply beat the egg white and apply to your face. Then, get a strip of tissue paper and cover the area where you applied that egg white. Leave for at least half an hour. Once it has fully dried, strip off the toilet paper. You will see the blackheads on the tissue paper if it was done properly.

Go to the dermatologist

There are many home remedies for removing blackheads but if you want a sure and safe way to get rid of blackheads, then you can go to the dermatologist. This may cost you some money so make the cash ready if ever you are going to the dermatologist.

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