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How To Get Rid of Bladder Pain

Are you experiencing bladder pain? Can you not move freely because of the inflammation that you feel below your belly? Bladder pain is actually common especially nowadays when people are more inclined to eat junk foods than healthy and natural foods. The urinary system will have a harder time flushing out the bacteria from your body if you consume lots of junk foods, which may lead to infection.

When you are having bladder pain, it is best that you put attention to it right away so that you can feel at ease again. It is also important to treat bladder pain immediately to prevent further complications. Here are some things you can do to get rid of bladder pain.

Apply heat or cooling treatment

Applying hot or cold compress against your bladder can help reduce the pain. Provided that it is just a mild pain, hot or cold compress will be very effective. Simply get an ice pack or hot compress and press it against your bladder. You can also just soak in a warm bath to relax your body, including your bladder.

Intake a medicine

For instant relief from bladder pain, you can intake pain reliever. Pain relievers are readily available over the counter in most pharmacies. After taking a light meal, just take a tablet or capsule of pain reliever to help reduce the pain you feel. If the bladder pain is accompanied by heartburn, you can also intake antacid medicine. For bacterial infection, antibiotics must be taken.

If you do not know what to get, the pharmacist is skilled enough to give you the prescriptions you need, or better yet, go to the doctor.

Eat light

Changing your meals to healthier ones is always a good thing. If you always consume foods that have unhealthy substances, the bladder system will have a harder time containing these toxins. So instead of eating junk foods, eat healthier foods like vegetables and fruits. Wheat is also good for the body as it is rich in fiber and helps in detoxification of the skin.

When you are having bladder pain, avoid eating too flavorful foods. Decrease your fats, caffeine and sodium intake. Also, do not eat spicy foods when your bladder is in pain as it may just worsen your condition.

Drink plenty of water

Water can naturally wash out bacteria and toxins that may be causing the pain in your bladder. Drinking plenty of water will make you release toxins in your body more easily.

Drink fruit juices

Natural fruit juice is very effective in cleansing your body including your bladder. Bladder pain might be caused by infection so it is best that you kill these bacteria that cause the infection and painful sensation. The most notable fruit juice for bladder pain and infection is cranberry juice. Apple juice is also noted to dissolve gall bladder stone that may be causing the pain. Basically, any natural fruit juice is healthy for the body.

Ask for help from the doctor

Bladder pain may occur every now and then due to slight infections, but if the bladder pain that you are experiencing lasts for more than two to three days; you should already consult a doctor. There are many bladder complications that start out with pain and inflammation such as gall balder formation and UTI so it is best to be diagnosed properly.

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