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How To Get Rid of Bleach Smell

Do you need to remove stain from your clothes? DO you need to clean up your home equipments and furnishings? When it comes to cleaning, bleach is one of the most commonly used products. Bleach is notorious in removing dirt, stains and killing bacteria, hence its popularity as a cleaning agent. However, there are also disadvantages when you use bleach.

Since bleach is a strong chemical, it may not be too friendly to the skin. It can also leave unpleasant odor that may even cause nausea when inhaled. So if you have cleaned your garments or you cleaned up a room using bleach, you must ensure that bleach smell is not left. Here are some things you can do to get rid of bleach smell.

Lessen the use of bleach

If you lessen the use of bleach, then naturally, you will be able to lessen the bleach smell as well. When washing your clothes, if there is not much dirt or stain to remove, then do not use too much bleach anymore but instead, just increase the amount of liquid detergent that you are using. Detergent are usually enough to remove dirt from your clothes but if you cannot avoid the use of bleach, add more liquid detergent to your washer so it can overpower the bleach smell.

Re-wash the fabric

If you notice the bleach smell right after washing the fabrics, then the strong odor might be due to lack of rinsing. If this is the case, you can just wash the fabrics again. Simply soak the clothes in warm water for a couple of minutes to remove the bleach smell and then rinse it again. Check if the smell lingers. In case the bleach smell still did not go away, then you can re-wash the fabric using your washing machine. Put the garments in the washer and set the water temperature to hot. After one cycle, the bleach smell will most probably be already removed.

Treat with fabric conditioner

Fabric conditioner must not be mixed with detergent or bleach but you can use it after you have washed your clothes. Fabric conditioner not just makes your garments softer, but it also leaves that fresher and more fragrant smell. Simply fill a big basin with water and add the appropriate amount of fabric conditioner according to the product’s label. Put in your clothes and soak for a while. Rinse with clean water afterwards. This should leave your clothes with a more pleasant smell instead of strong bleach odor.

Wipe with some acid

If you are dealing with furniture which you have cleaned with bleached, then you can just rinse it or wash with some acidic cleaner like vinegar or lemon juice. Vinegar is great in removing odors and cleaning up furniture as well. Simply mix a cup of vinegar with about 4 to 5 cups of water. Using cloth, apply the solution to the surface you cleaned to wash away the smell.

You can also use lemon juice. Simply squeeze out a lemon and mix with about three cups of water. Lemmon is not as notorious as vinegar in killing bacteria but it does give that fresh smell.

Wash with hot water

Hot water can also drown that strong smell of bleach. Simply heat up some water and pour it to the surface you cleaned. Be sure that whatever it is you are cleaning, it can tolerate hot water or else, you should opt to use vinegar or lemon as stated above.

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