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How To Get Rid of Blisters

Did you accidentally touched something hot and burnt your skin? Or did you walked around all day in a pair of unfitting, uncomfortable shoes? These two incidents are the most common reasons for appearance of blisters.  When the blood vessels under the skin get damaged, you are most likely going to have blisters. Blisters appear because of the natural mechanism of the skin to heal itself.

Blisters are swollen, round patches on the skin that are filled with liquid pus which can be painful and very itchy. Because of the discomfort that blisters can give, you must treat it as soon as possible. Here are some ways to get rid of blisters.

Keep it clean

The first thing you must do in order to treat your blisters properly is to keep them clean. A couple of times a day, wash the blistered area with mild antibacterial soap and clean water, and then always pat it dry. Do not touch your blisters as they may get infected.

Warm it up

Blisters have liquid pus in them and this pus need to get out of the skin in order for the blister to dry. However, you cannot just squeeze out the liquid as it can be painful and may cause infection. So in order to make the pus come out of the skin by itself, you can just warm up the area. A couple times a day, you can hold a hot compress against the blisters. The heat will make the blisters grow bigger until they pop out.

Note that sometimes, blisters contain blood instead of clear liquid pus. If you notice that your blisters contain blood, refer to your doctor immediately.

Let your skin breathe

Blisters need to be exposed in order for it to dry faster. If you have blisters and you want them to heal fast, then you have to make your blisters accessible to air. If the skin area where you got the blisters is covered with clothing, you must remember to wear loose clothes to allow the air to reach the blisters. Also, wearing tight clothes might even irritate your blisters so avoid covering them up.

Apply medications

There are over-the-counter medications that you can get in drugstores to cure your blisters. You can just go to the local drugstore and ask the pharmacist to give you blister creams or ointments. They are usually very affordable. Be sure to get those branded and tested ones. For the application, simply refer to the indications on the medicine’s label.

Apply chamomile or lavender

If you cannot get blister prescription medicines, you can substitute it with chamomile or lavender lotion. Both chamomile and lavender and great in making wounds heal faster. They also have antiseptic properties to clean up your blisters. If you can grab a hold of fresh chamomile and lavender, the more effective the result will be. Simply wash your blisters first, pat the skin dry and then apply the chamomile or lavender.

Ask treatment from the doctor

Blisters are generally easy to cure but there are times when it can get infected. When this happens, home remedies might not be enough to treat them and you will have to seek for a professional’s advice. If the blisters seem to get worse and worse every day, set up an appointment with your doctor and ask about the possible treatments that you can undergo to get rid of blisters.

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