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How To Get Rid of Blocked Ears

The ears are very important to the human body. They are responsible for the sense of hearing which is crucial to everyone. Because of its importance, you must safeguard your ears to keep it protected from any harm. Failure to do so may lead to very uncomfortable ear problems.

The ears are very vulnerable to many bacteria and germs. Once dirt enters your ears, you might have a hard time getting it out. That is why it is essential that you watch out for your ears cleanliness. At least once a week, you should try to use ear cotton to clean it up and remove earwax. While earwax is necessary for your ears, too much of it may leave your ears clogged. Aside from earwax buildup, you should also protect your ears from water as this may block your ear canal as well. But if you already ended up having clogs on your ears, here are some things you can do to get rid of blocked ears.

Tap your head

If your ears are blocked with water, then you can just easily remove it from your ears. Simply tilt your head so that the blocked ear is pointing the ground and the other ear is pointing upwards. If both of your ears are blocked, then you can start with either ear. Once in position, gently tap your head just right above the ear pointing upwards. This will push the water out of the ear pointing to the ground. Do this until the water is removed.

Put some more water

It might sound ironic but putting more water in your ear can actually help remove all the water that is clogging your ears. Simply get a dropper and add water into it. Slightly tilt your head so that the blocked ear is elevated. Drop some water inside the blocked ear and let it pass through the canal. As soon as you feel it inside, quickly turn your head so that the water in your ears will be removed. You will feel that warmth in your ears when the water has flowed out.

Treat with hydrogen peroxide

If what is blocking your ears are dirt and grime instead of just water, then the most effective method to remove it is to use hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide can easily kill bacteria. It will help liquefy the clumps of dirt in your ears and allow it to flow out. To create the hydrogen peroxide mixture, simply heat up some warm water and add equal amount of hydrogen peroxide to eat.

Using a dropper, apply about two to three drops of the solution to the affected ear. When you feel some bubbling in your ear, do not freak out as it is just an indication that the hydrogen peroxide is working. Usually, it will take a couple of minutes until the bubbling stops. When the hydrogen peroxide has stopped working, cover your ear with a piece of cloth and tilt your head to let the solution and the dirt be removed from your ears.

Get medical prescriptions

Those suffering from cold are usually the ones who experience blocked ears. If you have this illness, then some medicines like antibiotics could help clear out your ears. This will break out the mucus in your ears that are most probably be filled with bacteria. Sudafed or Benadryl can usually get the job done.

Talk to your doctor

After trying the methods above, your ears should already be unclogged. However, if your ears still remains blocked after several home remedies, then you should just go to your doctor. Ears are very sensitive. You should never force any material inside it just to scoop up what is blocking your ears. To be safe than sorry, talk to your doctor about your problem.

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