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How To Get Rid of Blotchy Skin

Do you have blotchy skin? Whenever you face the mirror, do you just wish to have a smoother and even toned skin? If you have blotchy skin, do not be too hard on yourself because there are many people who are having the same problem as you. There are many reasons why the skin may become blotchy including the harmful rays of the sun, chemicals and pollutants, improper skin care and unhealthy skin.

Blotches on your skin may make you appear less attractive than you should be. That is why it is important to get rid of blotchy skin and replace it with a more beautiful, flawless skin. Here are some tips that you can do to get what you desire for.

Regenerate your skin

The best treatment for any skin imperfection is to regenerate your skin. Normally, skin regeneration means exfoliation. When you exfoliate your skin, you are basically letting new and youthful skin cells to take over the damaged and dead ones which are causing the skin blotchiness. Exfoliation is done through the use of many things such as natural home remedies and commercially sold facial products.

Use egg white treatment

A classic example of a homemade exfoliating treatment can be done with just the use of egg whites. Egg whites help fix patchy skin and also remove blackheads, whiteheads and other dirt that are clogging your pores. First, boil some water in an open pot. Once the water is hot enough, remove it from the stove. Pull back your hair or wrap a towel around it then put your face just above the pot. The steam will open up your pores for the treatment. After that, mix some egg whites and then apply it directly to your face. Massage your face with the egg white for a couple of minutes and then leave it for another half hour. Rinse your face afterwards with cool water. This will instantly make your skin look better.

Get microdermabrasion treatment kit

You can also get your own microdermabrasion treatment kit and use it to get rid of blotchy skin if you do not want to do home remedies. Microdermabrasion is usually administered by a professional dermatologist but now, there are products available in health and beauty shop that allows you to do the treatment by yourself. Just get a microdermabrasion treatment kit and read carefully the manual that comes with it. Follow the instructions properly and use this kit to get rid of blotchy skin.

Moisturize and protect

After you have done your regenerating treatment, you should never forget about moisturizing your skin. Exfoliation or dermabrasion may leave your skin out of moisture which is very important to the skin. To rehydrate your skin, apply moisturizing cream or lotions.

Aside from moisturization, protection is also a must. You can protect your skin by applying sunblock whenever you go outside. This will prevent the harmful rays of the sun from making your skin tone patchy.

Seek for the dermatologist’s help

For those who prefer leaving the treatment to the hands of professionals, then you can seek for the help of dermatologists. Usually, skin treatments cost relatively high but you sure get your money’s worth. You can just go to a dermatologist and ask for the various treatments that you can choose from. Skin treatments range from cheap to really expensive, but the more expensive it gets, the better the results usually is. Simply refer to the dermatologist for more details.

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