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How To Get Rid of Blushing

One of the most commonly found items in a girl’s make-up kit is a blush –on. Usually, it is the pinkish red blush that gives a girl more color. It is quite ironic though, that people tend to like putting on fake blush-on, but when they experiencing blushing in real life, they complain about it.

Blushing is a natural thing. It is characterized by the surge of blood to the face which makes it red. People do not like blushing because it means certain things like embarrassment.  If you blush oftentimes and you want to make your face a little less red, here are some things you can do to get rid of blushing.

Just ignore it

The more you think about your red face, the worse it will just get. If you are blushing, just ignore it and let it pass on its own. It will go away after just a few moments anyway. If you keep getting embarrassed about blushing, you are just making your face even red than it already is. So when you encounter that situation that put a blush on your face, relax and keep your mind off of it.

Avoid hot foods

Blushing can also occur not only because of embarrassment but because of the things you intake. For example, if you just ate spicy food or alcoholic beverage, you will feel hot causing your blood vessels to dilate and allowing your blood circulation to speed up. This may lead to blushing. So if you want to get rid of blushing, do not eat hot and spicy foods and alcoholic beverages.

Get some cool air

Aside from eating hot foods, hot temperature in your environment may just do the same with your blood vessels and cause blushing. If you have spent some moments inside a hot room and you start to feel the surge of blood up in your face, you can try to get some cool air. Stand in front of an electric fan or air conditioner to cool your face down. You can also go outside to get some fresh air. Breathe in deeply to relax your body and regulate your blood flow.

Wash your face

Washing your face may also help constrict the blood vessels in your face. When this happens, the blood flow will slow down, lessening the redness of your face. Just go to the wash room and splash some cool water to your face. If you have cold compress or even just ice cubes with you, you can just apply it to your face. This will instantly brighten up your face again.

Get darker skin

Those people who have tanned or dark skin does not have problems with blushing. This is because their skin is already a bit dark so when they blush, it is not too obvious. If you would like to have a more tanned skin and avoid blushing at the same time, you can try to get darker skin through sun bathing, tanning bed or tanning lotion. Be sure to consult with a dermatologist first to avoid any damage to your skin.

Go for surgical treatments

Those people who blush often might have a problem with their skin or blood vessels on their faces. If you want to avoid blushing all the time, you can go for surgical treatment that will help lessen it. There are also nerves that may cause the involuntary blushing. You can talk to your doctor to modify this in your face. However, it might be risky and costly at the same time.

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