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How to Get Rid of Bobcats

It may seem ridiculous to have wild animals lingering in your backyard but it can be possible. There are times that these animals stray on the backyard which can pose potential danger to you and your family. Not only that, they can also cause damage to your property if they are not removed from your premises.

One type of animal that can get lost in the yard is bobcats. Bobcats are large species of cats that can grow two or three times the average size of a regular house cat. Bobcats are hunters and they usually end up in the yard since they smell prey. They feed on a variety of food which involves chicken or birds.

Since bobcats are living beings, utmost care should be practiced when dealing with them. They should be removed from your premises without harming them unless they have shown aggression. The following steps can help you get rid of bobcats without hurting them:

Clean your yard

As mentioned earlier, bobcats usually appear when they smell prey or are looking for food. Chances are if you have food exposed in your yard, the risk of inviting bobcats in your house is definitely higher.

Make sure that you clean your yard and close any trash bins that may contain wasted food. These can attract other types of animals that a bobcat considers as prey. Any animal that enters your yard is a potential prey that would attract bobcats.

Set up traps

A simple trap can be assembled at home by using different materials although there are ready made traps that you can purchase. If you heard about bobcats roaming in the neighborhood, set up a trap that has a food inside to attract them to it. Once trapped, you can contact biologist or animal experts that can help you take them off the yard.

Cut hedges

Hunter cats are known to hide themselves by lowering their body before they pounce. In the wild they usually hide in bushes; therefore, it is a good idea to but hedges in your yard to make sure that bobcats do not use it as hiding spot. Different types of animals such as rabbit can also stay in there which can get the attention of a roaming bobcat.

Put up fences

Fences are one of the best ways to keep outsiders from your yard. Just be sure that you have cleaned inside the yard since bobcats can find ways to come in; although fences would give them second thoughts about entering your property.

Light up the yard

Lighting your yard can scare bobcats away since they will be intimidated by the light illuminating from the bulbs you have installed in the yard.

Get guard dogs

Guard dogs are one of the best ways to intimidate outsiders. Have you put up beware of dogs sign outside your house even though you don’t have one? People know what to expect from guard dogs and they get scared. If you have dogs, put them in the yard to make sure that bobcats get intimidated and would stop them from entering the house.

Get the help of a biologist or game warden

Just like exterminators, game warden is an expert in capturing wild animals without harming them. They have the appropriate tools and equipment to get rid of bobcats without laying a finger on them. They can use traps or snares to make sure that bobcats are safe when captured.

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