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How to Get Rid of Boll Weevils

Several people are freaked out of insects and for good reason too. By their appearance alone, they can get really scary. What can be scarier is the effects that they have and what they can do to our properties. They can damage it and would render most of what they live on useless.

One type of beetle that can do damage to our properties are boll weevils. Boll weevils feed on herbs, plants and other types of crops that are planted. Weevils can enter your house through various reasons. When you buy vegetables from the grocery, it is possible that the crops can be infected by boll weevils.

Boll weevils feed on cotton and once they get inside your cabinet, it can become disastrous. You should perform precautions and other steps to help you in controlling the spread of weevils which can pose a potentially bigger problem. You can follow the different procedures stated below in controlling boll weevils:

Maintain cleanliness of the house

Boll weevils come from different sources and they can enter you house without your knowledge. By making sure that you check every nook and cranny of your house and perform regular cleaning, you will be able rid of the boll weevils from inside your house. What’s more is that you will not only rid of these beetles but also, you will be able to rid of other pests that may linger inside your house as well.

Leftovers should be covered properly

Boll weevils would also have the tendency to feed on leftovers and other food that is exposed to them. If you have leftovers on your table, make sure that you cover them or store them in containers that have lids. Place food inside the refrigerator to further secure it from being infested by boll weevils.

The pantry can be a hot spot for boll weevils if the food inside it is not stored properly. You should make sure that everything is covered inside and anything that has sign of infestation should be thrown away to avoid the spread of the beetles. Since boll weevils stay on moist places, you should keep your pantry dry and remove everything before cleaning as there may be breeding hideouts inside the cabinet.

Use insect killers

Insect killers can also be sprayed on boll weevils which can kill them almost instantly. Just make sure that you free the surrounding from food that are still edible since they can be affected by the spray.

Keep the kitchen clean

The kitchen can be the most infected area for pests since insects and other animals require nourishment. Keep your kitchens clean and keep it dry since boll weevils usually thrive on moist and wet areas.

Hire exterminators

In extreme cases, you should hire an exterminator if you feel that the infestation is already severe. There are chances that boll weevils may have bred on different areas in the house and their numbers can multiply in an even greater number. Exterminators will eliminate on spot and will perform several actions to prevent further spreading of the insect.  To hire a professional exterminator, consider using websites such as that can help you find exterminators in your area.

Store food inside the refrigerator

Refrigerators are the best place to store food items especially if they have been consumed already. Make sure that you store foods inside refrigerators preserving it further. You should make sure that before placing any type of food in the refrigerator, they are free from infestation that can spoil the food.

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