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How to Get Rid of Bone Spurs

When our body ages, it undergoes several changes and it often has negative effects. One part of the body that undergoes changes is the bone. There are instances when there would be bony growths that would form in an existing bone and this happens mostly in the joints.

This condition is known as bone spurs or osteophytes. Bone spurs are associated with osteoarthritis and can occur on any bone in the body. Some of the negative effects of this condition are the rapid deterioration of the bone which can worsen when there is a case of osteoarthritis.

Bone spurs are characterized by pain and it can be excruciating. There are different ways to get rid of bone spurs and there can be different ways to treat them. The following can help you in treating bone spurs from your body.

Take medicines

Before taking any medicines, you should visit the doctor first to make sure that the medicine that you will take will not cause any allergic reaction. Some of the medicines that may be prescribed by the doctor are non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs which can help in reducing symptoms of bone spurs such as muscle pains, fever, and inflammation. Depending on the part of the body that is in pain, you can take ibuprofen, naproxen or COX 2 inhibitors.

Rest to lessen damage to the bone

Since bone spurs often grows in between joints, performing different activities can cause the bone spurs to rub on the nerves which can cause pain. Limit the amount of activity that you perform since it can reduce the effects of the condition. If continuous activity is performed, this can worsen the condition of your bone spurs thus making the affected part disfigured.

Physical therapy can help

Exercise programs being monitored by physiotherapists can help in eliminating the pain that you feel caused by bone spurs. If you have bone spurs in your neck or back, performing exercises can help remove the pain. These exercises can help regain the strength on the affected areas which can be lost due to bone spurs. There are different types of exercises that the physical therapists may ask you to perform. This can be a combination of aerobic conditioning and muscle building exercises.

Consider stronger alternatives

Injecting medicines such as cortisones and epidural steroid injections can help in reducing the pain caused by the bone spurs as it will reduce the swelling of the affected area. This is not a simple procedure since you will have to discuss this with a surgeon or neurologist. The process includes several procedures that may last from 15 to 20 minutes.

Surgery may be necessary

Do not rule out the possibility of having surgery to remove bone spurs. Depending on the nature of the condition, surgery may be suggested by a physician. If bone spurs are in your spine, laminectomy may be performed; this procedure will call for the removal of spurs and ligaments that have thickened both of which can cause nerve compression.

Consult your doctor to check if surgery is really necessary, you need to keep in mind that there are two factors that can influence your decision. First is the level of pain that you feel and second is if the bone spur is limiting your body functions. Tests will confirm if surgery is necessary and the doctor will also base their decision from the results.

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