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How to Get Rid of Borers

Insects pose potential threat to our homes. It comes to a point when they infest the house and can destroy our properties or they can be a risk to our health. Insects can dwell in different areas of the house and can feed on more than just leftover food. Some insects can even feed on our clothes…these are just samples of what insects can do to us.

One of the insects that can cause such travesty to us is borers. Borers can be a number of different insects that feed on vegetables, fabric or even wood. Borers can be moths while other types are beetles. They are mostly considered pests since they can either damage of destroy crops and furniture we have in our houses.

Since borers are considered to be pests, they do not have our permission to reside in our houses or even dwell on our properties. We should get rid of borers any way we can and the following procedures and steps can help in getting rid of them:

Keep your house and furniture dry

Insects live in places that have moisture and keeping the surrounding clean and dry can prevent insects from attracted to our houses. There is furniture that is treated with moisture control substances mixed with wood preservatives. This is considered to be the best line of defense against aggressive pests.

In cases where a part of the furniture can no longer be saved, you will have to replace that part since the insect can infect the other parts. The part that you will need to replace should be treated with moisture control and wood preservatives for protection.

Pesticide provide on the spot removal

Insect sprays or pesticides will be able to provide spot treatment although it is a temporary solution since insects have a nest and they can breed there thus it wont stop the spread of the insects which will worsen the problem. It is possible though that the infestation that you have in your house may not be that bad and this is still a viable solution so diagnose the problem first.

Smoke them out

If you recently moved to a house that has old borers in it, you may want to have it fumigated first before completely moving in. Old borers in the house may have grown exponentially that treating them with regular methods will not work.

Fumigation is done by contractors and they will cover the whole house and fill it up with smoke treated with insect killing chemicals that can be harmful to people as well. As mentioned, this is suggested to be done before moving in since it takes a number of days before the effects of the process is completely gone.

There are natural ways to rid of borers

There are insect killers that are made of natural and organic ingredients which do not pose any health and environmental hazards. Neem oil is one type of insecticide that disrupts pests, what’s good about this type of pesticide is that it’s non toxic and won’t harm other insects that are beneficial.

Consider extermination

Exterminators are experts in handling pests in the house. They have the right tools and equipment to get rid of different kinds of pests. They will provide diagnosis of the situation and will give expert advice on what to do to prevent the spread of borers.  If considering this route, be sure to use services such as to find the lowest quotes in your area.

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