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How to Get Rid of Bow Legs

Deformities in the body can occur and aside from looking unnatural, it presents other serious conditions that our body may have. There are several reasons why this can happen, it can be hereditary or it can be caused by bad habits. One such deformity is bow legs which are characterized by outward bowing of the legs in relation to the thigh.

Having bow legs can start very early especially if the child is very sickly. They can suffer from different ailments that prevent the ossification of bones. Other causes can be caused by the occupation of the person that has this; a perfect example is a jockey.

There are several ways to prevent having bow legs and more ways to get rid of it. Sometimes, you don’t have a choice especially if the cause of bow legs is hereditary. But don’t fret since the following methods can help you in getting rid of bow legs:

Determine what the cause is

As what was mentioned earlier, having bow legs can be caused by different reasons and it is important to know what caused the condition before performing any type of treatment for it. There are diseases that can cause the condition while other deformities are caused as a result of a person’s occupation.

By identifying the cause, the methods of treatment will be specifically identified. This can help in making the treatment effective and efficient. Also, this can prevent any delay in the treatment since the correct path will be followed.

Identify if you have rickets

Rickets is one of the ailments that causes bow legs. Rickets can be caused by the lack of Vitamin D in the body. A metabolic specialist will be able to identify such deficiency and can address it with prescription supplements and other advices. Rickets should respond to medication although there are extreme cases that it may not work and the doctor may suggest other alternatives.

Blount’s disease is another cause

If you are diagnosed with Blount’s disease early on, you should treat it as soon as possible so the condition will not worsen. If it’s detected early, you should visit an orthopedic and they will provide solutions such as bracing the legs to correct it or prevent the condition from worsening.

Before you apply the brace to the leg, make sure that this has been pre approved by the orthopedic that checked the condition. There are cases that installing braces on a child can worsen the condition.

Massage the affected area

One way to help correct bow legs is by massaging the legs. This procedure alone will not prevent or get rid of bow legs but instead it can assist on treating bow legs faster. You can also visit acupuncturist and check the treatments that they can offer for this type of condition as it has been acknowledged that acupuncture can help with treating bow legs as well.

Surgery is the last resort

There are conditions that are serious that medication won’t have an effect on the deformity. If medications will not work, the doctor may suggest an operation is necessary. Surgery may be considered as a last resort and consider this procedure if the orthopedist suggests it.

Performing surgery can be the only solution for some people with worse case of bow legs but the rate of success for this treatment is very high and has a positive effect on the person that has bow legs.

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