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How to Get Rid of Boxcar Scars

Acne is probably one of the biggest skin problems that occur to people. Acne appears as small, red, swelling that blocks pores. What’s worrying about it is that acne can leave scars after they are gone. Acne scars can still occur even if extra care has been given in removing scars due to their sensitivity. No matter how much attention you put at it, acne scars will leave a mark on your skin.

There are several types of acne scars that can leave a mark on your skin and one type of acne scar is boxcar scars. This type of scarring happens when an acne lesion that is inflamed destroys a tissue. Boxcar scars can occur on temples and cheeks and their depth varies.

There are different ways to treat boxcar scars and they mostly involve applying facial cleansers and visiting a dermatologist. Other procedures can be performed by dermatologist to remove any marks of scarring. Creams and chemicals can be applied to the face which can help remove any signs of boxcar scarring. The following can be performed to help you rid of boxcar scars:

Skin resurfacing techniques greatly helps

When you visit a dermatologist, they will first evaluate the condition of the skin and the acne or the boxcar scars. There are different techniques that they can perform to help remove boxcar scars such as using dermabrasion and skin laser resurfacing. There are other ways to perform boxcar scars removal.

Use natural treatments

Natural treatments can be performed if you don’t want invasive procedures performed to remove boxcar scars. Skin care products that have natural acne scar removal properties. Another component contained in these skin care products are compounds that helps in regenerating the skin.

Chemical peels are another option

The skin is one of the most sensitive parts of the body even though it can be very resilient. The skin on the face is also very sensitive and any scar on it can make a person feel awkward and inferior since it is the first thing that people would notice. This is the reason why every move you make toward treating any skin condition should be consulted with dermatologists.

Chemical peels are strong and they have varying effects on the skin. A dermatologist would be able to provide prescription medicines that you can apply on the skin. Chemical peels would “peel” the outermost layer of the skin which would also include the layer where the boxcar scar is located.

Once this process has completed, the skin would regenerate replacing the damaged skin with a new one that is smoother than the one it replaced.

Regular visit to the dermatologist is a must

Regular visit to a dermatologist is necessary since they will monitor the condition of the skin. Once they provide prescription and medication to the patients they will have to check it every once in a while to check for progress.

Schedule a visit to the dermatologist and they will provide you a date when you will have to go back to them. Even if you don’t have any serious skin condition a visit to the dermatologist may be necessary at least once a year which can help improve your skin condition as well.

Surgery may be performed

One of the potential treatments that can be performed to remove boxcar scars is through surgery. Punch techniques can help treat the base of the acne pit which will be reduced to skin level and it will level in alignment with the skin.

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