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How to Get Rid of Branches

Trees are marvelous creations of nature. With their majestic towering heights, their lush greenery and the beauty that they add to a landscape is incomparable. Trees vary in size and they can spread out because of their branches. Branches extend and spread the trees which add to its magnificence. There are times, however, when the branches are needed to be removed.

If you have a neighbor who is very strict in what needs to be on their side of the fence, you may be in trouble if your tree branch is sticking on their property. But another reason why you need to get rid of branches is when they dry out. Branches that have dried can be brittle and during windy times, they can break and hit your property or other people.

Getting rid of branches shouldn’t pose any problem as long as you know what you need to do. You don’t need to complicate things when removing them; instead, you need to stick with the basics to make sure that you do the job efficiently. You can find some helpful tips in dealing with branches with the instructions below:

Look for the appropriate tools

Getting rid of branches shouldn’t be that hard as long as you use the right tools and equipment to do the job. You would want to determine how thick the tree branch is before doing the actual cutting. You wouldn’t want to end up on the tree with a hand saw when you have to cut a thick branch.

If you need to use power tools, use it without hesitation. Anything that you can use to make your job easier should be used. Trees stand high and they can be reached by using ladders. Make sure that the ladder extends beyond the tree so that you will be able to get a good position when elevated from the ground.

For smaller branches, a hand saw will suffice. But it is a completely different story when you start dealing with bigger branches. You should use power tools such as chainsaw or gas powered hand saw to cut the branch more efficiently.

Clear up the clutter

After cutting the branches down, it is guaranteed that they will make a mess below the trees. Make sure that you tie the tree branch with a rope even before attempting to cut it off. The rope will hang the branch after they are cut rather than letting it drop on the ground; thus preventing any accidents that may result from falling branches.

Permanently cut the branch

To avoid having to cut the branch over and over as they grow, there is a way to cut off the branch and prevent it to grow. The procedure should be followed step by step to guarantee its success. Saw your way through the bottom of the branch which is at least 18 inches from the trunk but do not saw all the way. Saw from the upper part of the branch this time, it should be at least 1 inch to the right of the first cut made.

Identify the branch collar which is the tissue that connects the limb to the tree. Make sure that this is intact while you remove the nub of the wood. Next thing that you need to do is to cut off the branch from top to bottom until the branch is completely removed.  

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