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How to Get Rid of Brassy Hair

There are a lot of things that people like to change about themselves and one of them is the way they look. From head to toe, we can make several changes to ourselves that can enhance the way we look and feel. One part of the body that extensively gets a makeover is the hair. We have it trimmed, shaved and o enhance its look, we can have it colored as well.

When you get your hair colored, you are sure to be pleased with the way it looks, but there are cases when the hair would just look plain bad after initial coloring, some might even get brassy hair. This is characterized by odd copper hair tone that replaces the blond streak of hair that was supposed to be there.

Brassy hair is easy to avoid, you just have to be careful since the dye used to color the hair has strong chemical properties and can damage the hair permanently. If you are careless about it and apply another set of chemicals, then expect your hair to turn dry and brittle. To aid you with this problem, the following are sure fire steps in treating your brassy hair:

Step by step until you achieve your goal

So you want to be blond from brunette in a matter of hours? Changing your hair color is possible, what’s not is magically turning it from one color to another. If you think applying blond hair color will immediately turn your hair to blond, then think again. This is a step by step procedure that involves hair bleaching to lighten the hair color before applying the desired color of the hair.

In short, there are several applications of different kinds of chemicals or solutions that you need to put onto the hair before you can actually achieve the color that you like. So before you apply a blond hair color, better ask a professional about it. Speaking of professionals…

Go to a salon and have them do your hair

If you check in your local grocery stores, you will find a lot of hair coloring items. This is very tempting for those who would like to color their hair since they can just grab it and start putting it onto their hair. The problem is that, little they know that applying hair color involves more than just putting it onto your hair.

This is where salon professionals come in. There is a reason why they charge really high, it’s because they are professionals and they you get to complain if they did something wrong to your hair. These professionals will be able to help you out with your problem and correct any mistakes you have made applying the hair color yourself. They have the right equipment and items to make sure that the hair color is reverted to normal without damaging it.

The use of toners and conditioners

If somehow, you like part of how the brassy hair looks like, but it really has that strong color, you can actually use toners to tame the hair color. It is a temporary hair color that can mask the color strength of the brassy hair.

And since your hair can become damaged and dry during the process, you should consider deep conditioner treatment that will restore the elasticity of the hair follicles which can make it shiny and healthy once again.

What worked for you?

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