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How to Get Rid of Briars

Plants are probably one of the most vulnerable inhabitants of this planet. Aside from plants that have some sort of defense mechanism, they are virtually defenseless from most types of attacks. But there was a time that evolution decided to change things up and added some sort of natural defensive mechanism for plants and this include briars.

Briars form when certain type of plants grows well beyond their capacity. Generally, there is nothing wrong with briars, the problem really is that they have sharp thorns that will not only damage your pieces of clothing but it can leave you wounded as well. Briars can be a danger to your pets or your kids if you have one so they should be removed immediately.

Briars are not that hard to deal with, although you should exert care and effort when removing them since they can cut you with the sharp thorns they possess. If you see that they are poking out already, then you should do the necessary action to get rid of it. Here are some of the things that you can do to deal with briars:

Cut them while they are young

There is no excuse for being lazy and letting things out of control when you can do something about it at an earlier time. If you see that your raspberry plants have been overgrowing, you need to cut off the parts that are not supposed to be there. Briars can take a lot of time to remove due to the care that you need to apply when removing them.

If you are not aware how long it takes for briars to grow, you can cut it off and monitor its growth. Once you have this on record, you can come back to it in an interval just to make sure that they don’t overgrow and at the same time, you don’t waste your time going back to it every day or week to cut it off when it is not really that noticeable.

Use your hands to take them out

Remember when you were young, your mother used to tell you do not play with sharp things. Well there is a sense to why she was implying that. First, sharp things can leave a nasty wound on you, which is pretty obvious. So when dealing with briars, you can actually use your hands manually to cut the briars in half. But do not forget to wear protective gears. Heavy duty work gloves are the first thing that you need to wear. These gloves have thick padding where the thorns cannot penetrate.

When wearing clothes, make sure that you wear long sleeves and pants and layer it with several pieces of clothing to add additional protection to your body. Dig up the briars and burn them immediately since putting them inside plastic bags can endanger those who will pick them up later as the thorns can poke out of the bag.

Use your garden tools

If you have a shed in your garden and it has tools in it, then you may want to consider taking them out and putting them to good use. Use you shovels and trowels to dig deep into the briars’ roots and take them out. Just remember the tip earlier about wearing protective clothing to avoid injuring yourself while in the process of extraction.

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