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How to Get Rid of Bristle Worms

The ecosystem of a particular area should be well balanced to make sure that no species are overpowered and become extinct. If you notice, even without human intervention, most forest thrives because of the creatures that inhabit it. The same can be said about the ocean. But there are times that some creatures just wreak havoc regardless. Bristle worms are some of the creatures that fit this bill perfectly.

Bristle worms thrive in salt water reef aquarium and they can damage the aquatic life since their population can get really high. The worst part is that they multiply at a very fast rate that they can be a pain to control once they overpopulate. These worms are also scavengers since once they have eaten most of the food around; they will eat the remains of other creatures that have died off from starvation.

Bristle worms are very destructive creatures and they should be taken care of to avoid fully destroying the reef aquarium. There are several ways to get rid of the bristle worm population and this is necessary to make sure that all creatures eat the same amount of food. The following can help you in dealing with bristle worms:

Trap the bristle worms

There are times that you won’t be able to monitor the movement of bristle worms especially since they are under the sea. The best way to deal with them is by using traps since you wouldn’t be able to check on them every now and them or as often as you can. Traps work over time and will make sure that your time is not wasted even if you didn’t capture the bristle worm since they are just there.

One type of trap that you can use to capture bristle worms is simply made from small plastic containers. The plastic container should have a lid and it must be big enough to hold the bristle worms. Cut an x shape on the side of the container with a knife and push it inwards. You should add bait as well and small shrimps are very attractive for these worms. Leave the trap overnight and check it out in the morning to see your catch.

Add natural predators

Predators are also a great way to control the population of the bristle worms in your aquarium. These fishes are tank friendly and they do not eat other types of fishes and just feeds on regular fish food and bristle worms. Some type of predator fish that you can acquire is the six line wrasses and dotty backs. Aside from being predators, these fishes also look great inside the aquarium.

Another type of predator that can hunt down bristle worms are coral shrimp. These shrimps also look really good inside the aquarium and they catch and feed on bristle worms. You should keep these in pairs to make sure that they are kept busy.

Clean your aquarium

You should regularly clean your aquarium tank to get rid of bristle worms. What you need to do is to take out all of the fishes and clean the reefs that you have thoroughly. Make sure that you also clean the tank with soap and water and scrub it down hard. Before placing the fishes back to the tank, always check for traces of soap since it can poison your fishes.

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