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How to Get Rid of Brittle Nails

Women have a lot to deal with; they have to constantly maintain their appearance to enhance their beauty. Just imagine how many hours it takes to put on makeup only to clean it up in the evening. A little issue on their appearance can cause a lot of fuss that they wouldn’t get over within a few hours. Most people tend to overlook their fingernails but women wouldn’t let brittle nails pass.

Brittle nails are a problem a lot of women have to deal with. This is a condition when the nails dry out and they are just splitting or breaking. There a lot of reason why a person can get brittle nails. Some of the reasons are caused by using cheap nail polish remover or calcium shortage. Brittle nails are very inconvenient and can ruin a person’s day.

There are ways to prevent getting brittle nails, there are several procedures that you can do so that you don’t suffer this condition. If you are having trouble with your fingernails, you don’t have to fret since the steps provided here are sure fire methods to get rid of brittle nails. So without further adieu, here are some of the things to do to avoid brittle nails.

Limit the use of nail polish removers and other nail products

Just like your hair when treated a lot of times, your nail is susceptible to damage if you use a lot of products that contain harmful chemicals. A perfect example is by using nail polish remover not more than once a week. The chemicals in these products can dry out the nails and would leave them weak and brittle.

Cheap kinds of nail polish remover may also contain stronger chemicals compared to branded ones. This will guarantee that your nails will be in bad shape. These types of nail polish are not oil based which loosens the moisture of the nails. You may want to go with more popular brands that have high reviews to get feedback from previous users.

Do not use nail polish all the time

If you don’t have any important functions to attend to, it is suggested that you leave the fingernails bare since the longer the nail polish stays on your fingernails, the more damaged your nails will be. If you can’t avoid using nail polish, use products that are oil based as they also add moisture to the fingernails, preventing brittleness.

Wear gloves when cleaning your house

Getting brittle nails is not only caused by direct application of nail polish or nail products. If you are cleaning your house and you are using chemicals, you should wear protective gears such as gloves for your hands. The chemicals that you are using may contain stronger components compared to nail polish and prolonged exposure to it will cause your nails to dry out. Also, do not have your hands soaked in water for too long, the reason for this is that the nails dry out once you dry your hands as well.

High calcium food and drink

Since one of the causes of having brittle nails is the lack of calcium, it is highly suggested to drink your milk and eat cheese. By increasing your calcium intake, you also decrease the chances of getting dry and brittle nail. You can also take supplements that are rich in calcium to increase your mineral intake.

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