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How to Get Rid of Bruises

Our body can receive several types of injuries during our lifetime and it can be hard to avoid them especially if we are careless. If our body hits a surface and the impact is great, it can produce an injury in which the capillaries under the skin become ruptured. The blood then floods the surrounding tissue which gives off a reddish purple color to the skin. These are known as contusions or more popularly known as bruises.

There are a number of ways people can get bruised; some people are sensitive enough that a slight nudge can cause their body to bruise while others take more than a hard hit before a bruise shows up. Whatever the reason is and no matter big or small, bruises are not pleasant to look at and can cause complications if left for a long time.

Bruises are often not dangerous but the sight of it is not pretty. If you get bruised in an exposed part of the body, you should do almost anything that you can to hide the fact. There are several ways to hide or remove bruises and to help you deal with this problem; here are some of the things that you can perform to get this nasty looking thing off of your body.

A cold pack should work wonders

You may have seen movies about boxing and you may also have noticed that they place ice packs on the face of the boxer. The reason for this is that when you cool the blood vessels around the bruised area, there would be less blood that would leak into the surrounding tissue. The trick is that you need to apply the ice pack as soon as you are hit. This will prevent the blood from leaking and it will effectively decrease the size of the bruise.

There are gel filled ice packs that you can use repeatedly. You just need to place the ice gel pack inside the freezer or the refrigerator for a few minutes or until it is cold. If you don’t have it, you can always use a bag of frozen peas that is wrapped around a towel and put it against the bruise for a good 10 minutes.

Keep the bruised area elevated

When you notice the darkening of the bruise, you should elevate that part of the body immediately. By elevating it, you will reduce the chances of blood flowing to that particular area which would also minimize discoloration. A perfect example would be a bruised leg which should be settled into a sofa with the leg rested on a pillow which is above the heart level. When you do this, the spread of the blood to the tissues will not be as bad compared to normal bruising when nothing has been done to prevent the spread.

Avoid medications that can make the condition worse

With bruise comes pain and with pain comes the need for anti pain medication. When you encounter pain, try to avoid taking medications that would worsen the condition. What you want to do is to consult with your doctor and check which medications can be taken. These medicines include aspirin and ibuprofen. Also, you may want to avoid cortisone medications since it promotes bruising by increasing the state of fragileness of the blood vessels in the skin.

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